Saturday, December 09, 2017

A few years ago, I had a few clients who paid me in bitcoin. The average value was about 1000€ and occasionally I would turn a few into Euros. But bitcoin value quickly dropped to about half that and I decided simply to store them till the value went up or the currency collapsed.

I can't say I forgot about them, but they weren't top of mind either. But when the value approached 10,000€ last week I figured I should find the wallet and cash them in. As the value got about 12,000€ on Tuesday I sold them. I have no regrets that the value climbed to over 13500€ later in the week. When investing in a bubble or any market it is stupid to try and time the peak. So I'm pleased with myself, but have a tax liability to resolve. It is always something.


Monday, November 27, 2017

I'd gone to the bar, to ask a question and he came up behind me a placed his hands on my hips and rubbed his crotch on my ass. The purpose of the stop in NY was to meet with a bank. Knowing that I'm allergic to banks and bankers, Francis joined me in case my bias blinded me to an opportunity. Later we both agreed there wasn't one. 

The afternoon meeting extended into dinner that extended into drinks and we had reached the point where the libations were overwhelming inhibitions. The one woman in the group, a vice president, excused herself, she needed to tuck the kids in, lucky girl. That left me to endure a litany of suggestive comments and dirty jokes. None of that bothered me and I gave as good as I got, but the rubbing of his pecker on my ass was a step too far.

I turned to face him and he tried to kiss me and I pushed him away. "You'd think that with Harvey Weinstein and the rest, you would keep your hands to yourself." He smirked and muttered, "Oh come on baby," and came toward me again. I picked up a wine glass, "I'll smash this across your face and then call _______," the banks CEO and I rattled off the direct dial number to his office. That got his attention and he stepped back, calling me a cold bitch.

When I returned to the group I told Francis that we had kept these gentleman from their families and it was time to go home. In the taxi I told him what had transpired.


Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving All!

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Star Date 8/11/2017   40.7163° N, 74.0086° W

The boys are tucked in and Grace is, well I don't know what she is doing. I'm ensconced in her guest bedroom, having arrive this morning for meetings. Francis arrives tomorrow and we're meeting with some bankers with meetings planned with investors on Friday. This weekend the boys will be with their Dad and Leah and Catherine are coming for a sisters+sister-in-law weekend. Then it is off to LA.

Weird sister/twin dynamic between Mandy and Abbie. As best that I can understand it, Mandy has adopted a (Taylor) Swift-ian approach to romance. Fall madly and loudly in lust/love, date the guy for a few months and then break up with all the drama that can be mustered. Then, after the breakup, vent through poetry and song lyrics. This to Abbie qualifies her sister for slut-hood. This from a woman, Abbie, who at least twice a week came home well after the sun rose and at least weekly brought home various young women who I'd find wandering about my apartment in their underwear trying to find the coffee. When I pointed this out, she told me I didn't understand. She's right. They'll figure it out.


Sunday, October 01, 2017

It was nice to be home, but the reality struck me getting ready to return to work. Needing to shave my legs and pits, pulling on stocking, wiggling into a skirt and walking in heels. I should have gone to the village first then there would have been an intermediary step.

This weekend has been stay around the house, except for going to the ballet Friday. Last weekend, I went to the farm to pick up Wags and Heloise, as Dad and Juliette working to London and then the US. While on my trip, dad emailed that they needed to put Abelard, their eldest pug down. He had been suffering from tracheal collapse for a few months and it was progressing with the only option being surgery, cruel for a 14 yo dog.

A friend near the farm is a veterinarian and she came over and put poor Abe out of his misery. Heloise and Wags were present and after letting them sniff the body, he was buried in the family plot with other pets and old relatives. Dad relayed a cute story. Abelard and Heloise always shared a bed, with Wags sprawling out on his own. That evening, when the house settled the dogs retired to their respective spots, but after a few minutes, Heloise got up an went to Wags' side and curled up with him.

Both dogs are here now, though Helly was a bit confused about the new to her, second floor of the apartment. 


Monday, September 18, 2017

We arrived in Belfast, Northern Ireland this morning, Bangor to be accurate. Tomorrow I'll return to Paris, as I have meetings on Monday, 25 September, that I need to be at.

It seems so long ago that Leah drove me to Woods Hole with the boys, her kids and Grace's, and Megan and I took them for lunch and ice cream in Tisbury, allowing them to take the helm and steer the boat. That excited them.

We saw a Great White Shark off Cape Cod on our way to Province Town and whales in several locations on the trip. The coast of New England, the Canadian Maritimes, Greenland and Iceland are beautiful beyond description.

The sight of an iceberg is awe inspiring, the image of an iceberg on the radar in the fog during the night is terrifying.

I'll never forget how beautiful the Milky Way is.

I'll never forget the power of the ocean and her ability to crush and surprise you.

It is no longer possible to simply be out of touch on a trip like this. Satellite phones and data services allow you to maintain contact. Each day around 14:00 GMT, I would take two laptops and a Sat phone to the fo'c'sle for a conference call and throughout the day, received and replied to emails. It was sort of like working from home.

It's hard living with 5 others in a space less than 18m long. I cherished my night watches when I had the deck to myself and the others were sleeping.

I'm ready to be home, I miss Wags, my friends and my routine.


Monday, July 31, 2017

Last August I spent several days with Clara and Megan on their boat. During the trip they shared their plan to travel south along the the coast to Morocco and then west to the Caribbean, where they'd winter, charting the boat out to vacationers. In the spring they planned to travel up the east coast of the US, visiting along they way.

They asked if I wanted to join them for a leg of the trip and the only part that made sense was the return, via the Canadian Maritime provinces, Greenland, Iceland and on to Ireland. Tomorrow I fly to Boston and will spend a couple of days with Leah, David and the kids, before meeting Clara and Megan in Woods Hole. to start our trip up the New England coast to the Bay of Fundy and then east around Nova Scotia to the Strait of Canso towards Prince Edward Island. From there north to Labrador and Newfoundland before starting east to Europe.

I'm allowing about 6 weeks for the return and if it is running longer than that, I'll need to fly home.