Sunday, February 19, 2017

It has been an eventful week.

Anne Marie and Hannah were the first guests to stay in the renovated apartment and Sunday, Café Kim opened for business for the first time in a long while, giving me a chance to show off the new place to my friends. Valentine's Day evening I was alone, but texting sexy missives to Marjorie who is in Chad. I need to buy some batteries. Wednesday evening I hosted a dinner party for 12 at my place. It was catered, rather than my cooking, so that I could be a proper hostess.  I'm pleased with how the evening went.

All that and Marine La Pen wants to force me to choose French or American citizenship. Bitch. Though the US is making it difficult to maintain dual citizenship.

Friday, Wags and I drove to the village and I'll send a couple of weeks here with trips to London and Berlin for business. I need a some time here to re-charge. Mirelle and I had dinner on Friday and wandered to the café for drinks and to gossip. As we were chatting I noticed a very handsome man who I'd not seen before. In the summer I would have paid him no mind, but this time of year a stranger is unusual. I asked Mirelle about him and she told me he was Étienne who had purchased the marina from the retiring previous owner. We exchanged catty remarks and speculated on his performance when she said that he was very devoted to his wife, who was a very nice woman. "All the better that he's married," I responded., "he'll be in my bed by the end of summer." Mirelle dismissed me and said, "I don't care who you plan to fuck this summer, who are you fucking tonight?"


Monday, February 06, 2017

There is a spectra rising in the western world, this time it is not Communism, but the return of Fascism. The US has given us Trump, the Brits, UKIP and of course here in France, La Pen, though she is not nearly as dangerous as Fillon. All of course are acolytes of Putin, the most dangerous of all. It is chilling, when you hear the attendees of Davos make the claim that Xi Jinping is the leader of the free market world. 

Now that I have French citizenship, I am looking forward to exercising my right to vote, but I'm disappointed in my options. Ideologically I am a liberal in both the American and European meaning of the the world. I voted for Alain Juppé in the Republican primary, of course he lost and I've cast about for another candidate as I find Fillon despicable. 
La Pen won't win and even if she did, the National Front would not get a majority in parliament and under the French system she would be very weak. Hopefully Fillon will be indicted and will withdraw.

Hollande's decision not to run for re-election had me hoping that Manuel Valls might obtain the Socialist nomination, as I've been impressed with his focus on business and job creation. Alas he lost to Hamon, who is a traditional Socialist who will do nothing to modernize the economy. Now I'm considering Emmanuel Macron, a former Socialist who left the party to run as the presidential candidate for En Marche!, a political movement that is trying to morph into a party. He though will have the same problem as La Pen, in that it is doubtful that En Marche! can win control of parliament.


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Not long after we started the real estate company, the opportunity to purchase the building that I live in occurred. After running it as rental property for couple of years, we decided to establish a coop and sell the units. While not every tenant bought, several did and we were granted options on adjoining units that remained unsold.

The unit below me became available late last winter and I bought it. Over the summer both units were gutted and a single duplex apartment was created. Now I have closets! And can walk around my bed without moving a chair! 

I love it and will never move.


Monday, January 23, 2017

Marjorie sat and watched as I stirred the apple sauce, I'd taste it and offer her a taste and add a bit of seasoning. When I was satisfied I let it simmer and checked on the biscuits. As she spoke to me a tear formed at the corner of my eye and then another. She noticed and asked if I was alright. "I get teary for no and every reason," I told her, "you'll learn that about me."

We've dated for nearly 10 months, but only recently did I admit she was my girl friend. Prior to that she was some one I fucked and fucked me. But admitting she was my GF was admitting that I was falling/fallen in love and I'm anxious. The month has been stressful, there is a lot going on at work, mostly positive and I moved back into my newly renovated apartment (a future post).

Though we've been seeing each other for months, we probably only have had a few dates as our schedules conflict, she is in Paris only for a few days at a time and I'm often traveling. In December she arrived the same day that I left for the US and when I returned, she had left to visit her family for Christmas. The week skiing was wonderful, but on our return to Paris, she was gone again and I didn't expect her back till spring.

Friday afternoon, she texted me that she would be coming to Paris for the weekend and would arrive late and come to my place. She arrived after mid-night exhausted from the travel and promptly fell a sleep. Saturday we went to the Women's March, such energy, I hope it is channeled into a purpose. Saturday night we made dinner, snuggled and watched a movie. Now she's gone till March and the space I made for her in my life is empty.


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Thank you all! May your Christmas be satisfying and your new year rewarding.


Saturday, December 24, 2016

The last couple of weeks had me traveling in the US; NY, Chicago, where I spent a weekend with Elyce and Michael and their family, Dallas, Houston, Silicone Valley, Big Sur and Los Angeles. I'm considering the travels successful both from a business and personal basis.

When in SF, I had dinner with my college roommate Katie and her wife, a sweetie who keeps Katie grounded. Remembered why I think Big Sur would be a wonderful place to settle and realized that Santa Monica isn't all that bad. Maybe if I'd realized that after college, I wouldn't have made it to Paris.

I returned home yesterday and Kenny, Catherine and family are here. Ken and Catherine liked the idea of Christmas in Paris and then borrowing the village house for a family getaway, but as soon at the plan was suggested, the twins began lobbying to stay in Paris. They didn't win the argument but did get an extra day.

Monday I'm heading for Chamonix with a friend and sometimes squeeze, Marjorie, to meet Anne Marie and Hannah for a week of skiing. The new year will be eventful.


Monday, November 28, 2016

Making Thanksgiving dinner in France takes a bit of planning. The first year that I invited friends and family to Thanksgiving, I panicked as I couldn't find cranberries or cranberry sauce, yams, nor the turkey. A farmer friend of Juliette bailed me out on the turkey, Grace brought a couple of cans of cranberry sauce from NY and we did without the yams. Knowing now that getting the critical ingredients means advanced planning, I arrange for my green grocer to order fresh cranberries and the yams, while the butcher gets that turkey.

Friday morning I left early for Biarritz to stay with Anne Marie and Hannah in Buster with a stop at the village house to pick up a couple of surfboards and a spare wetsuit that I'm leaving at their place. Our plan was to surf Saturday and Sunday, but the ocean was flat, so we rented a couple of kayaks and paddled around for a few hours.

AM and Hannah have purchased a house in a village outside Biarritz. It is a short walk from the beach and they're very excited. The place needs some TLC and they have a long list of things they want to do. They've moved in and despite not having settled in, they threw a party Saturday night. For a while now, Hannah has let her inner Emma Woodhouse loose and tries to find me a nice girl to settle down with. I've tried telling her that I don't have time for a romance… She's sweet but doesn't get it.

The party was fun and it was good to meet their new friends and it seems they have found a community and I have a couple of offers for dates, not that I have the time. Back in the village for the week, except for a quick trip to London for a meeting.