Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Buster is heading north again, to Nordcapp. My companion on the trip will be Jessica, who traveled with me to Morocco a year ago. Our plan is to travel there during the summer solstice and experience the midnight sun.

Nordcapp is the furthest north, point in Europe that can be reached by car. Year round the temperature hovers around 0℃, with the driest month being June. Our plan is to travel through Sweden and to return through Finland and the Baltic countries. Assuming Russia doesn't invade Estonia. We're going to allow 3 weeks fro the trip, which will be about 7500KM. 

Buster received a new cabin heater this winter, we'll need it.


Friday, February 28, 2014

Tuesday evening we had dinner at a Los Angeles, "place to be seen" restaurants. From the bar you have a view of the tables and from the tables, the bar. We were finishing and I was beat, I can manage the Paris - NY time shift, but Paris - LA had overwhelmed me.

We asked for our check and our server said that it had been taken care of and motioned toward the bar where two men watched us with interest, one whose face was familiar. On the way out we stopped to thank them, and as expected an invitation for a drink was offered. Before I could graciously refuse, Grace accepted, and sat down. I wasn't going to leave her, so I took the adjacent seat and the wingman engaged me. Nice guy that owns a couple of small businesses, out with his college buddy. After a few sips, I butted in and dragged Grace out.

In the car, she told me that Mr. Familiar had asked her to dinner on Wednesday. I turned toward her and looked at her profile, she wouldn't look at me, "Are you sure you won't regret that?" I asked. She didn't answer and then commented, "You seem to take your pleasures where you find them." I was watching the traffic out the window and the pedestrians on the sidewalks, "Many of my ex's will say that I believe fidelity is only an investment company, when they are being polite, and really mean that the think that I'm a lying slut. She didn't respond and we were quiet the remainder of the trip.

Wednesday was consumed with meetings and business. We had gone in separate directions and at the end of the day I texted her and asked if we could have an early dinner? She got back to me with, "Ur on ur own." That didn't make me happy, but at least I got to be early.

On Thursday, we were again pretty busy and stayed on task as we had flights, Grace home and me to Monterey to meet a college friend. Our first private time was in the car to the airport and I asked about dinner, fine she said and clammed up. She was quiet and consumed in her thoughts, finally breaking the silence with, "I didn't sleep with him." I was relieved at that and let her know that I supported her. She stayed quiet, till the car pulled up in front of the terminal and she looked at me and said, "Robert is cheating on me." I told her that I was sorry as the driver opened the door. She was sniffling, as we waited for our luggage and then went in. Just inside the terminal I asked how she knew and she gave me the usual list of suspect behaviors.

There wasn't much time to talk, both our flights were soon and we need to clear security and go to different ends of the terminal, so I gave her a hug and told that we'd talk.

I had been looking forward to this weekend, visiting with an college in a region that I'd never been. Now a cloud was hanging over the weekend. I need to call Leah.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Anne Marie and Hannah, dropped me at my hotel Sunday evening. We had a wonderful weekend skiing in Vermont. We stayed in Stowe, but not is some cute country inn, but at a condo. This way we could bring Sophie, AM's dog, who has had her world turned upside down with the move.

I came in Thursday and we went up Thursday night and skied alpine, Friday and Saturday. Sunday we skied nordic, which gave Hannah a chance to leave us panting at her heels.

These two are settling into their new place in Brooklyn. When they came to NY to look for apartments, they were shown several high rises in Manhattan, they hated them.  A conversation with the agent took them across the river, were they found a place in a six-plex that is short walk from a commercial district and the subway. The neighborhood is very Paris like, in that is low rise buildings and walkable. Their place has lots of wonderful woodwork and a small yard that is used by the buildings 4 dogs, so Sophie has a new social circle.

In the morning, Grace and I head for Los Angeles and three days of meetings. It will be interesting.

Perhaps Arizonans would be happy if gays had their own entrance.
My mother grew up in the south, during the civil rights era and would tell me her memories of that time. I asked her once if my grandparents had been segregationists, and she told me they were. Mom assured me that they now believed in equality and that they were wrong. I was young then, maybe 12, and I couldn't reconcile that these two people who I loved so much had once held those views. The next time I saw them I asked them about it. It took them aback, but they gathered their thoughts and explained that this is what they grew up with and that, at the time, they believed that this was how society was meant to be. They went on to say they were wrong and that those beliefs and the actions that they took as a result, had been sins. Sins that they repented and hoped they would receive forgiveness.
Their words, mollified me at the time, though I came to understand that life is a lot more complicated than atwelve year old mind can comprehend, even a precocious . It continued to horrify me that members of my family held those beliefs, along with the knowledge, that my ancestors were slaveholders. 
Regarding Arizona, I get tired of hearing, "we're not really like this, we're horrified at what our legislature did." Fuck you.
Oh and that picture is much better than a thousand words in describing how terrible Jim Crow was.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I'm traveling again, nowhere exotic, to the US, mostly Los Angeles and San Francisco on business with Grace. But I'll start by visiting AM & Hannah and going to Vermont skiing.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

For the last few months I've been looking for a new apartment. I love my place, but it is tiny and I'd like a larger place. But I'm also picky and have my requirements. I want to stay in my neighborhood, I want the unit to be above the adjacent buildings for more light, masonry construction for sound deadening and parking under the building. Basically the only apartment in the area that meets all of these is my own.

My first summer in Paris, I shared a small place with Elyce in the 19th, since I had a great deal of free time and I wanted to learn the city, I'd take my bike and ride. A favorite place spend a sunny day was the Bois de Boulogne. Along the Bd Maurice Barres and Bd Maillot on the northeast side of the park, there is block after block of apartments. Frequently, I'd see women in their 40's idling on the balconies or to-ing and fro-ing in BMW convertibles and I imagined that they well kept mistresses. I was escorting then and I made a pledge to myself that I wouldn't be one of those women.

A friend is a real estate agent and she offered to take me around to some building in other neighborhoods that met my criteria. You know where the first place she took me was? The unit was nice and the size I want, plus the building has a nice garden, with a pool, but more than I want to spend. While we were in the unit, I told my friend of my fantasy regarding the women living here, leaving out the escort part, and she laughed, teasing me that I should find a man to support me.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Particularly Valentine's Day. He'll have sent you flowers of course and if he is at all worthwhile, some expensive bauble. He'll express his regrets that he will be with his wife, rather than you. Who he professes that he truly loves.

You even avoid being out with your singleton friends and faux celebration of loneliness. You're not really unattached and beside they really don't approve of your arrangement and you have an unspoken agreement amongst them, not bring it up.

So you sit at home binging on a combination of Hulu and ice cream and promise yourself that the next holiday will be different. Though you know that this is a lie.


Friday, February 07, 2014

Wednesday morning Anne Marie and Hannah left for NY. Saturday we had a going away party for them, it was fun and much love was shown that evening.

I miss them already.