03 January 2019


While Mercurial Girl is closed, I have started a new blog for my writings, Jottings of Mercurial Girlhttps://mcgirlsjottings.blogspot.com/ . Please join me there.


06 January 2018

Looking forward, I can see that this is going to be a busy year. Starting tomorrow when I'll be joining La Traversee de Paris on the Honda. In March I'll be taking a 3 week overland trip through Uganda and Kenya. Of course the business travel merry-go-round starts again this week and it appears that I'll be on the road at least 2 weeks a month for as long as I can project. While it won't be this year, I hope in 2019 to participate in the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles but I need to prepare for the event and that is a time commitment.

There are also a couple of life changing decisions that I'm facing. My house in the village is one street off the harbor, with only a single building between the house and the water. In late November, the owner of that property informed me of his intent to sell and offered me first refusal. Since I've owned my property the adjacent building has been mostly under utilized. For a couple of years it was a seasonally operated kayak and bike rental, but mostly it has been storage. But my little village is changing, the number of summer homes and visitors has increased dramatically and it has been mentioned that this building would make a great restaurant space. From my point of view, that would be the last thing I'd want in the building

If I purchased the property I could merge it into my house, but that would ruin the cozy little hovel that I love. Or perhaps I can carve out a room on the second floor of the property to give me an office or sitting room with a water view. Anyway, I've decided to buy the building, at least I can decide how it will be used.

Sitting on my desk, undated and unsigned is the paperwork for renouncing my US citizenship, I've been agonizing over this for 6 months. While Le Pen wanted to force dual citizens of France to choose one country or the other, the US makes it extremely difficult to live in another country while not having a primary residence in the US. When Kim & Co owned the business in NYC, I used that address for a number for banking and tax purposes, that shielded me from the issues that many ex-pats face. Of course the business has been sold and the hassles have caught up with me. But it is a hard decision.

Today is the fourteenth anniversary of my first blog post at Easy Kimmie, a Girl in Transition.

Hi, I guess I'm the new girl. My therapist suggested that I keep a journal and that it would be healthy for me to talk about the stuff that has happened in my life. But then I might not have any friends. 
A bit about me. I'm 22, an American and I've recently moved to Paris. Career wise my goals are in arts administration/marketing but since I rely on the kimmie in chaos model of life planning, who knows?
I have a job, yeah, but I really need another since the primary doesn't pay enough. For a while I was also tending bar but the place closed over the holidays. Something to do with a squabble with the silent partner. I live with 3 girls in a 3 room flat in a kinda seedy neighborhood. But the building is OK.
In the few months I've been here I've met a small group of girls that are becoming my friends. None are native Parisian, though two come from other parts of France. With my father and his new wife the only people I knew here when I arrived it was important to me to meets some folks. I feel lucky.

This being the anniversary of the start and after 1317 posts, it is appropriate that it be the date of my good-by. The blog that was once integral to my life has long ago become an after thought. Having gone from I can't wait to post, to I really should post something it has been a month... But I resisted closing the blog, a combination in inertia and hoping that I could recapture the excitement. That hasn't happened and it is past time.

So to all you who were regulars EB, we'll stay in touch, Jean, M, Raymi, Isa, John, Tiffany, Jo, Rene (Heroin Girl), Tui (I hope you are all right), Kevin, Pete from Cali, Jo and others. To my fellow soiled doves, Victoria Thom, Inga, Eva/Jane, Gillette, Chloe, Audacia, Melissa, Olivia, Julie, Olympia, I hope you have moved on to successful and fulfilling lives. And to the memory of a pair who I believe have departed VJ and Iowa.

I'll probably add a few names as I think of them to the previous paragraph and may even announce a major life event in the future. I'll also continue to mindlessly post media at Mercurial Girl on Tumblr and periodically check the email address in the sidebar. For now though it is thank you and good-by.

Kimberly Anne

04 January 2018

I'm getting a new car and Marty, my Miata is for sale and probably sold to one of the young women at the office who saw the listing.

I first got a hankering for a new car after driving a Lotus Elise at the Nürburgring and around the German countryside about 18 months ago. I probably would have bought the Lotus right then but I couldn't see anything out the back, making it a fender bender waiting to happen.

With the Lotus out, the easy decision would have been a Cayman. Having driven Dad's on numerous occasions and having the speeding tickets to prove it, the Porsche became my fallback. I seriously looked at the Alfa Romeo 4c and probably would have hooked up with the sexy Italian, but for a last minute trip to Geneva in March to the auto show, where I saw the newly introduced Alpine A110. Where could I sign up? Delivery should occur in later this month. 


02 January 2018

Christmas eve, was spent at Dad and Juliette's. I stayed over the night and after breakfasting with them I caught a flight to Casablanca for a week surfing. Waiting for me at Mohammed V  Airport was a friend Sabine from La Rochelle. We would be staying and meeting Anne Marie and Hannah at a guest house in in Oualidia about 2 1/2 hours  to the south.

We had arranged for a driver as we each had a couple of surfboards and wet suits along with the usual amount of girl luggage for a weeks vacation. Driving down I mentioned to Sabine, that I hoped AM did a better job of choosing our lodging this time, then she did on a surf trip to Senegal a few years earlier. On that occasion, our lodging was a series of 'cottages' without running water, with the toilet facilities in a central building. It would have been workable since there was no possibility that you will be eaten by a lion when walking back from the loo, as might occur in Botswana or Zambia. But I had come down with a miserable case of diarrhea and while there were no lions there was a pack of feral dogs frequenting the grounds and they could be frightening.

She did better this time and the facility was thoroughly modern and set on a rise overlooking the lagoon and the ocean beyond. Pulling into the drive, I saw Buster parked in front. AM had borrowed the Westy  for the trip.

The surfing was great, the swells built all week and by Sunday it was 2-3 meters and the forecast for the coming week is more of the same. We all wanted to stay another week.

Among the guests at the inn, were 3 couples who were American ex-pats. The week was a good-by for one couple who was headed home. One evening I was drawn into a conversation with them, if I were going back to the US, where would I reside? For me there is no default, someplace my family is. As I thought about it, I admitted that Southern California would be high on my list of possible locations, but I couldn't be more specific than that.


01 January 2018

Happy New Year

21 December 2017

Over the last year, I've traveled a lot on business and quite a bit for personal reasons, while at the same time Kim & Co II has been growing like a weed. I've made it a point to speak with finalist for managerial positions and to meet them personally when I'm in the office, but not so much entry level and line staff.

Wednesday afternoon was to be the office Christmas party and in the later morning Wags and I wandered over to cube city to meet the troops. Many of the younger staff serve as project resources and they don't have permanent assignments but work as needed on various projects. They are much like contractors, but it is a full time job with benefits. 

As I approached a young woman popped up to speak with her neighbor and after spotting me, quickly sat down and attended to her work. I stopped at her desk and asked her to gather her peers for an impromptu meeting. Warily they wandered in, five women and two men, all in their mid twenties. I could see the should I be noticed or anonymous debate going on in several faces. None of them knew me accept through my official biography and whatever rumors floated about.

I introduced myself and told them a little about my background and what I was trying to accomplish while admitting to a few quirks. I then asked them to do the same and I asked questions of them, trying to get a bit deeper than basic ten second summary.  Everyone began to relax and the humor began to flow, with the laughter becoming loud enough to attract the attention of the group's manager who was surprised by who the instigator was.


09 December 2017

A few years ago, I had a few clients who paid me in bitcoin. The average value was about 1000€ and occasionally I would turn a few into Euros. But bitcoin value quickly dropped to about half that and I decided simply to store them till the value went up or the currency collapsed.

I can't say I forgot about them, but they weren't top of mind either. But when the value approached 10,000€ last week I figured I should find the wallet and cash them in. As the value got about 12,000€ on Tuesday I sold them. I have no regrets that the value climbed to over 13500€ later in the week. When investing in a bubble or any market it is stupid to try and time the peak. So I'm pleased with myself, but have a tax liability to resolve. It is always something.