Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cannes summary.

Shared a crash pad apartment with four girls, it defined interesting.

A plan for a restful evening, following a day on a boat, was disrupted by a request for a date. Duty called, after all, I was there to make money.

The date turned out to be a party and I was in a taxi heading home at 5 AM.

"The only thing more disgusting than these women, are the men who hire them." Said the female half of the couple with whom my date and I had dinner. Bit my tongue, rather than respond.

Leaving for Monte Carlo for the annual bacchanal. This year the Grand Prix weekend was chosen.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Wife bonus? I'd rather be a mistress and a whore.


Monday, May 11, 2015

In the morning I'll travel to Cannes to work throughout the film festival. I have a couple of dates set and I'm still working on a couple of more.


Thursday, April 30, 2015

I let the letter sit on my desk unopened for a couple of days, I was sure that it was bad news. Finally after a conversation with Anne Marie, who simply said, open it, I did.  

It was from the Office of the Minister of Immigration and could have been any number of things. Notification that I was being deported, information on my carte de séjour, i.e. residency permit or...

Madame, J’ai le plaisir de vous faire savoir que vous êtes Française depuis le 1 Avril 2015.
Madam, I am pleased to inform you that you are French since April 1, 2015.

I kept reading and re-reading that line till it finally sunk in, my application to become a French citizen had been approved. I let out a squeal that frightened Wags and then I called my father, who didn't answer and then AM who did.

Let me back up. About 18 months ago I had lunch with an ex-pat who was returning home. She had been here for about 15 years, married a Frenchman and had two children. A couple of years before he had been diagnosed with a brain tumor that killed him within a year. After a visit to her family in the US, she decided to go home.

It got me thinking a lot about where my home was and I kept coming back to the fact that my home is Paris and that I don't have any place in the US to go back to. None of my family lives in our home town. Dad is here and my siblings live at least a 100 miles apart, so I have no nest to return to. So after a few months of thinking about it and speaking with friends, I submitted my application and began what was a bumpy path to becoming French.

It started easily enough, but a question was raised about how I received my initial residency and work permits as I didn't fit the typical profile. In response I expressed innocence, explaining that Dad, a French citizen by marriage, had hired an attorney who assisted me through the process. The bureaucrat, a kindly older man accepted my explanation and opined that whatever abuse of the process that may have occurred, I wasn't party to it. After that there was a concern about, ahem, certain activities that I pursued and then after a few weeks that problem went away. But selling of Kim & Co almost derailed the application, as there was a concern that since I no longer had employment..., entrepreneurialism being for suspcious concept for the French. It took a few months, but that hurdle was overcome and all I could do was wait.

Till yesterday.


Monday, April 27, 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It was a Jacques' Tuesday. It is so strange with him, he hardly speaks to me, only polite pleasantries. He arrives, he fucks me and he leaves.

That was it for Tuesday, not an inquiry, not even a troll. By mid afternoon I was bored, so I took a book and went to a neighborhood café, it would have been a wonderful afternoon to sit outside, but the tables were taken. I found a window seat and settled in. Shortly there after, our neighbor from across the hall entered the café with a friend. They took the table behind me and due to the acoustics, I could clearly hear their conversation. The friend asked for an update on "her neighbors," and the woman regaled her with gossip. It seems she is paying close attention to the comings and goings of the in call, saying that it had been quiet today with only one man stopping. But over the weekend... I was in London, but Rebecca and two other women, had a party for their regulars. 

After my tea and listening to gossip, I decided to call it a day and took down the ads and went home. Today I have a business meeting and later I'm to meet with a woman, who has contacted me about seeing her and her husband together. When she requested the meeting, she said she'd never done anything like this before and would feel more comfortable if we could meet before. I'm OK with that.

Tonight I'm seeing Carl, Fredrick's patron.

Do something good for the planet today!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Am I allowed to deduct my bed as office furniture?"

"What are you putting under 'occupation' this year?"

"I can either right them off as an expense
or claim an investment tax credit."