Monday, October 24, 2016

Business brought me to NY last week and while my meetings have yet to be fruitful, I did have a good week. Seeing the Twins, meeting their friends and visiting their dorm rooms. Abbie seems more settled than Amanda, something her mother has noticed as well.

Wednesday evening I watched the debate with my sister. The boys were at their father's for the week and we had the place to ourselves. I made dinner, a task made more difficult than necessary with Grace's Potemkin kitchen. I haven't paid a lot of attention to the campaign, but it is tough to ignore. Before the debate, Trump seemed to me Sarko on steroids and Clinton seems very Hollande-like, competent but boring. After watching the debate Clinton still seems Hollande-like but Trump is Jean-Marie La Pen on steroids.

There has been something that I have been interested in asking Grace about. She worked for several years in the magazine business and I wondered if she ever worked on a Trump project or had contact with him? The only project was when she was an assistant to an assistant at the beginning of her career and there was nothing significant to report, except that the editor for whom she worked, suggested it would best if she didn't find herself alone with the Donald.

Mechante Femme


Monday, October 10, 2016

Friday, I was in London for meetings when word broke of the collapse of the pound. Later I had a drink with a frenimy, Jonathan who is a banker in a Brit. Earlier in the week he'd been asking me why I'd sold my UK investments and when I'd start investing there again. Alas, Jonathan was like many Brits who believed that the UK could leave the EU on favorable terms. By Friday evening the events of the past week had burst that delusion and he was despondent. 

"I don't know if this will cheer you up," I said to him, "but you asked me the other day when I'd begin investing in the UK and I told you I would when I could see the bottom. Well it is still a bit murky but there is something that resembles a bottom.

Come on Theresa, invoke Article 50 and lets get on with this.


Sunday, October 02, 2016

Ugh, later today I need to return to Paris as my sojourn at the village will come to an end.

Kim & Co II is at the forefront of my attention but the REIT can't be ignored as both my partners will be taking leave to prepare for the arrival of their babies. Fortunately we have a good person to step up and take on a lot of responsibility and Mimi, from my old company will be joining me again. 


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Wags, stood fidgeting in front of me as I attached the hook to the harness that was fitted under the doggy life jacket. When all was ready I lifted him off the the deck and pushed the boom out over the water, lowering him into the waiting tender below. As he hung twisting in the air, he gave me a look of Mom, I hate you. Soon, Miranda caught him and brought him into the boat with the two other dogs and I made my way down the ladder to join them. We pushed off and Miranda rowed toward the shore and the cacophony of yapping dogs began,
they seemed to shout.

Another boat had sought shelter for the night in the cove and they were already on the beach. When the tender hit the beach the dogs were over the side in a rush of sniffing and scratching. Immediate needs taken care of they rushed to meet the strange dog and couple. We joined them and learned that out neighbors were a Spanish couple who were sailing up the coast with the plan to leave their boat in Copenhagen for the winter and continue sailing north next summer.

We hit on the idea for the cruise earlier in the summer, four women, three dogs and a cat spending 2+ weeks cruising Atlantic France and now we were off.

When we arrived the prior afternoon Clara and Megan, who own the boat, sailed it up the channel and into the cove, and then anchored without using auxiliary. Both are expert sailors with multiple circumvention's and years living on sail boats. They constantly amaze me as to what they can make a boat do. This morning Clara informed me that I would sail the boat out of the cove. "Me?" I questioned, "On the auxiliary?" I asked hopefully. "No", she replied, "You'll sail us out and don't worry, I'll instruct you." When we were ready a flurry of anchor hauling, sail setting and winching took place. I did as she instructed and we began to move out of the cove and into the channel. I still can't figure out how it all worked but it did.

The channel was several kilometers long and the boat moved along lazily in the seaway. I was at the wheel with Wags curled up beside me, while Clara busied herself forward properly storing the anchor and ground tackle. This was our watch, so Miranda and Megan took the opportunity to read and sight see. Occasionally Clara would check our course and she warned me that when we cleared the highland to our south that the wind would greatly increase and the the seas would be rougher.

First the swells grew larger and choppier and the wind filled the sails straining the rigging. The boat came alive, shooting forward, crashing over and through the swells. "Bury the rail," Clara shouted to me as she adjusted the sheets of the main sail and jib. Finally a large swell broke over the bow, soaking everything forward and sending Megan and Miranda scrambling for a dryer perch. Clara stood by the main mast, the wind blowing her hair back. You can see she was in here element. Returning to the cockpit and the protection that the dodger provides, she stated "Isn't this fun!" I agreed. We continued our course for another hour and then shifted north, which had us running with the sea and wind and that calmed things down and our lazy sail continued.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

In Memory of My Mother

Friday, July 29, 2016

Abbie goes home tomorrow to join her family for a week on Martha's Vineyard and then home for she and Mandy to prepare for school. Abbie will be at Columbia and Mandy at NYU. Kenny still grouses that they didn't go to Princeton, but Catherine is just happy that they will only be a couple of hours and a train ride away and that interest and applications to Berkley and Stanford were in the end discarded.

We've had an interesting summer the two of us. When Mandy took a summer job at Kim & Co, we had lots of small projects that could be undertaken by a bright, but pre professional individual a place that K&C II has not reached. Consequently Abbie spent a lot of time simply following me around. I gave her research projects with a list of questions that she need to determine the answers to. It didn't save me any time as I needed to review the material to ensure nothing was missed, but she did learn a lot.

We have had our crisis though, one evening she returned home in tears. She had been propositioned and offered money for sex. The man cad, was someone I know and who knows me from both my lives. He insinuated that I would have taken up the offer and when she refused to believe him, he showed her my website. It was a difficult interaction and I let her vent. The next day I approached her to talk and she refused to discuss it, saying she'd talk when she was ready.

After her flight departs, Wags and I are heading to the village where we will stay through at least September and will be joined by Anne Marie and Hannah, who have returned to France and will be living in Biarritz.


Thursday, July 28, 2016

and get paid for it
It was a little before 10 when I received his text, "Can I see you this afternoon, perhaps around 2?" I considered what I needed to do and the the length of my task list, "fuck it," I thought and replied "yes" and he replied with the name of his hotel and room number.

Early in spring I promised myself that I'd work no more than 4 days a week and 10 hours per. That lasted well a weekend and I was back to my 12-14 hour days and 7 day work weeks, well maybe 6-10 hours on weekends. That went on till a gentleman asked to see me and I need a good part of the day to make myself presentable. It has gone on like that since, long work weeks interrupted by a trip to Cannes and another to Monaco. My life is work, punctuated by whoring, that itself being a job, well vive la différence.

At least, I began to rationalize whoring gave me time for another life, which business and my obsessiveness wasn't. Then my better self would interject, but you hated what it took to be a full time escort… I did and now need to figure a work-life balance.

His hotel, was the one where Anne Marie started in the hospitality industry and I'd have to sneak past the desk to see my gentleman or hope she didn't see me. No longer, I casually walked through the lobby wearing a white sheath dress, teal pumps and enough turquoise jewelry to stock a small gift shop.

In the hall, after exiting the elevator, I passed and expensively attired man, we made eye contact and I smiled. When I reached the room, I noted that he was watching me, so I took out a business card, flashed it at him and then tucked it behind the plaque that contained the room number, when I came out it was gone.

My client is a film maker, who will check himself into a hotel for a couple of week to edit the raw footage. We met a over a year ago through an acquaintance and he indicated he'd call me, but never did. This spring he called and I've seen him several times during the summer, the type of client that I like.

After our greeting, I excused myself to go to the toilet, where I retrieved the envelope, per our arrangement. Normally I collect my fee by credit card or a wire transaction, getting cash was a bit of a treat and I couldn't help but spend a bit on my way home.