Friday, November 20, 2015

I really wanted to get out of the city and go to the village for a few days, but with some commitments and Thanksgiving... This year T-day will be small. As usual it will be at Juliette and Dad's, her daughter and family will join us along with Anne Marie and Hannah. My sisters are staying home, with Grace being with her beau.

Over the past few days I've received an number of inquires along the line of we're thinking of going to Paris or Europe, is it safe? These inquires have all come from Americans and my response has been along the lines of "You are more likely to be killed at your work, school or movie theater by some nominally Christian white guy who has an armory in his closet than being killed by a Middle Eastern terrorist in Europe."

When I sold Kim & Co., one of the impetuses was my fear that the Euro would collapse. There wasn't much logic to the fear, but it was there. Since Friday there has been talk of closing the borders between the EU countries, this will be an economic disaster for Europe.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

He stood looking out the window as I sat on the edge of the bed in my bra and pantie rolling on my stockings. We were at his house in the 16th, a very traditional affair set on a gated street. Our conversation was heading down a well worn path.

"I can't understand you," he began without turning, "you're quite successful but still do this.? After a meeting, most men choose not to interact, they leave, bury themselves in their phone or even turn on the TV. "Are you complaining?" I asked. "No its just that it confuses me," was his reply. "You shouldn't worry about it and just enjoy my company. I was dressed now and stood behind him. "Besides if you are so concerned about me, now that your divorced you can marry me. You know, save me, make an honest woman out of me, be my Edward Lewis," resting my head on his back my hands bracing his shoulders. 

"Who's Edward Lewis, he asked, turning. "Pretty Woman," I gave him a hint. "Oh, well that's not happening," he guffawed, "you're a slut, a smart slut, a pretty slut, but a slut none the less and all of Paris, or at least that part of Paris that I care about knows about you." "And you're a notorious punter, we should be a matched set," I told him. "You know it doesn't work that way," he said and then changed the subject.

"You're coming with me to London next month, aren't you? He asked, "I'm planning to," I replied, "but I got the feeling you prefer not to be seen with sluts." "Being seen with one is fine, married to one isn't, he responded.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Last week I had lunch with Francis. I'd run into him in late September and we chatted a bit. He contacted me a few days later about having lunch and I put him off till after my trip. Between courses he told me that he had a proposition. "Really," I replied coyly, while I rubbed my foot against his calf. Blushing, he said, "Not that type of proposition, a business proposition." "Francis, its all business to me." The redness deepened, then he began regaining his composure and responded, "Business that is seldom conducted lying down." We both laughed.

He went on to describe his idea, which is intriguing and I told him that I would think about it. It dovetails with something that I've been dabbling with but have not found sufficient funds to make it work. Involving Francis would take care of that problem.


Monday, November 16, 2015

Friday there were no trigger warnings, only pulled triggers. A 'safe place' is ephemeral. 

I woke with a start Saturday morning, one of my overnight roommates, knocked a glass into the bathroom sink. I was not the only one startled and we shared a nervous giggle. Coffee was made and we checked the news.

The urge to get home came upon me and I gathered my things and started for home. The streets were mostly deserted, a dog walker or two were out and quickly returned to their apartments. A policeman stopped me as the area was shut down, he heard my explanation and told me to go on. I planned to walk if necessary since I didn't see any Vélib' bikes at the local stands, but after a few blocks there was one being returned and I took it.

Except to walk Wags, who had spent the night at my downstairs neighbors, I stayed in Saturday. Sunday I ventured into the neighborhood and met with friends. No one I know is among the victims, but I'm sure that this tradegdy has touched someone I know. There is the pervasive feeling among my neighbors that the authorities can't protect us, it's a feeling that I share. It will be a long time before we feel comfortable.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

We were having dinner at Chez Marie Louise on the Rue Marie et Louise, when we heard the gunfire and people running past and some into the restaurant screaming about the shooters.

Some hid, we scrambled and ran, fearing that we'd become captive targets. One of our group lives a few blocks away, so we went there and spent the night.

I'm thinking of leaving Paris and moving to the village.


Sunday, November 08, 2015

Looking out Buster's side door, I watched a boy of around 9 as he rode a camel past our encampment. He looked but kept his distance, most likely instructed by his parents to stay away from the European travelers. I heard Anne stirring in the upper bunk as I put the water on for coffee. 

Anne is the cousin of another in our group and when Jessica my preferred travel partner couldn't make this trip, Anne was suggested as a co-pilot for Buster. She's a passenger rather than a co-pilot, since she doesn't know how to drive a manual transmission. She hasn't worn well with me, nor the others as she's whiny. Fortunately we rotate among the trucks giving ourselves a break from one and other.

We camped near the town of Illizi on the northern edge of the Tassili N'Ajjer National Park. We arrived mid-afternoon the previous day and after setting up camp several of us went into town for the market. That day and the next we would take an escorted tour of the park to viewing it's austere lunar landscape and to view some of the thousands of prehistoric cave art and drawings.

When we took our trip to Morocco 18 months ago, the initial plan was to take the trip that we took in October, and Tassili N'Ajjer, was high on the list of places we wanted to visit. Then the fighting in Mali precluded coming here and even today we only decided to come after speaking to travelers who had just returned and other trusted sources who had intimate knowledge of the risk.


Saturday, November 07, 2015

We'll surf into the afternoon and then drive a few hundred kilometers north to another spot, find a place to camp and enjoy the evening. This morning we are at Capbreton, north of Biarritz, at one of my favorite surf spots.

In the morning I'll start for Paris and return to a "normal" life. I have several business meetings beginning Tuesday with Monday a day for cleaning up my act and returning to be a modern Parisian woman rather than the beach bum, desert rat that I'm presently.