Saturday, October 09, 2004

The day with Grace starting with a morning at the spa getting generally pampered. It gave us a chance to talk. She asked about work and I brought her up to date on the various marketing projects and what I hope to be doing in that area. She gossiped a bit about her work and some of the office politics. She never asked about Jacques, but she did ask about Dmitri. I don't think I ever mentioned him except in passing so she must have gotten the lowdown from Leah.

She asked what I thought of David and if he was good for Leah. We both agreed they made a nice couple and would like him as a brother-in-law. I asked her if she thought it was serious enough that they were thinking of marrying. She said that they're not talking about it but that Leah is thinking that David might be the one. A big step for Ms. Noncommittal I need to Analyze Everything.

The afternoon was spent shopping. I kept my wallet in my purse, except for a scarf, but Grace made the day for a couple of Parisian merchants. And I confess I also bought a pair of shoes.

We're going for dinner tonight with Dad and Juliette, I don't know where.



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