Friday, October 22, 2004

Five O'clock came and went and the hotel owner hadn't called. By midday I decided that denial would be the best course, enjoy the weekend and deal with the loss on Monday.

Tonight I'm meeting the six for an evening of dinner, drinks and debauchery and tomorrow night I'm seeing Wendy. Today I finalized plans to visit Janna, my ex roommate, in Warsaw the second weekend in November.

Juliette and I have been exchanging emails about Thanksgiving. I had invited everyone to my place for dinner. She logically suggested that their place was more practical so we agreed on having dinner there. Then she said she would get a caterer. She didn't get it that
I wanted to cook dinner, she does now though.

Next week is up in the air, I had been holding it open hoping that Max would have me meet him in Madrid. I don't know if was the cost that scared him off or that his friends and associates would see through the 'personal assistant' rouse. Now I have a hole in my schedule.

Mike's sister Gail and I have been exchanging emails also, seems he wrote her after seeing me and she wanted to know what I was doing to her brother . It sounds like he's pretty lonely and all the moving around has cost him a lot of relationships. Poor guy.


Blogger HeroineGirl said...

One day..can I be a soiled dove miss kimmeh.
I have done all my homework and tidied my room.
It is a status symbol !
Jokes... (sort of)
;) Hee Hee !

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Failure is NEVER:

1. Pernament. Things change, they always do.

2. Pervasive. Life is always full of challenges, but it also full of victories. Never allow the pain of the former to kill the savour of the latter.

3. Personal. The bastards are NOT especially out to get you, they are too interested in themselves. And the mistake that you made, was mistake, not a personality defect.

Take three aphorisms with some sunshine and exercise. Come back in a week when you feel horny again.

4:19 AM  

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