Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Lunch with my foot fetish client was a buffet at a strip club. FF prefers meeting in such places it gives him a chance to indulge his fetish in public in a, shall we say, sympathetic environment. Today he added a new twist, rather than meeting him at the club he wanted me to wait for him on a nearby street.

The agreed upon location isn't notorious for streetwalkers but they aren't uncommon. Today was wet and cool, a better day to work in doors but there I was in a black mini skirt wearing an old pair of pumps that I didn't care if they were ruined, huddled under an awning. I knew he wouldn't show at the agreed upon time, that he was probably watching. Hardware and parts stores, businesses that keep other businesses running, mostly occupied this street. Several cars slowed to see if I'd return their stares one stopped and waited to see if I'd approach. The storekeeper came out and asked me to move along, so I did.

I noticed FF drive past looking at me, asshole I thought. I found another awning a man approached me "Are you available", "I'm waiting for someone," he moved on. A police car turned the corner and parked, the officers got out and went into a building. FF pulled up and rolled down his window, I walked over and leaned in, "Jerk" I called him, he laughed and unlocked the door.

The club was seedy and smelled of stale smoke and booze. Surprisingly the food was OK. "My feet are cold," I said as dropped them in his lap, and they were. He began rubbing them and I pushed my heel into his crotch, he was hard. Periodically a dancer would go past and see what was happening and move on. After we got our lunch FF succumbed to the entries of a pretty blond.

The hotel was of a nondescript chain type frequented by business travelers and families. FF had already checked in so we went directly to the room. He worshipped my feet for a bit then we stripped. He began digging through his briefcase and pulled out a dildo he had modified. He asked for my shoe and slipped the cock over the heel. He wanted me to ass fuck him using the heel of my shoe. I sat in a chair with him head down ass up in front of me. I lubed him up good then slipped the dildo in and put the shoe on. I found this very awkward and he moaned a bit in pain but he didn't want me to stop. Finally I got a rhythm down. With the other foot I tickled his very hard cock.

The dildo came loose so I manipulated it with my hands while both feet played with his cock. I knew the flexibility that I've developed in ballet would come in handy. I felt some pre-cum and kept at him till the came over my toes, I suggested that he lick them clean and he willingly did.

Tuesday evening was my ballet lesson, after I went back to Anne Marie's. AM was down in the dumps Sunday and not much better today, nothing particularly wrong but little troubles that add up. We traded massages and talked, mostly me chattering but I kept making her smile. I spent a while brushing her hair. It was kind of like being a kid again going to the bedroom with your best GF talking and primping each other. I guess a bit of snuggling was what we needed. We overslept this morning and both of us needed to rush off.

Grace is in town for the shows and I joined her for lunch with some of her acquaintances. I wondered how I was going to work my schedule in order to spend some time with her, but she is staying the weekend and Robert is coming so I'll see her then.

A new client this evening, a German businessman. He seemed nice in his emails and on the phone, but they all do. He is new to Marie's so I don't have any information from the other girls what he's like. We're going to meet for a drink first to see if we get along.


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