Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The subject line in the email from Gavin simply said "Clothes to bring." Shit I thought he wants me to spend the weekend in pleated skirts, Mary Jane's and knee socks. So with trepidation I opened the note. "Bring clothes suitable for being outside in the fields and woods. And shoes that will keep your feet dry."

"Huh", I thought and sent ???????????? as a reply.

"Dear girl we'll be hunting." Came his response.

I'm spending the weekend at Gavin's country house. Previously he indicated that there would be a party at a friends but had been pretty vague on the weekends plans. I decided against asking what the prey was.

Today Zulieka described herself as having the sexual voraciousness of a rodent. I wish I had thought of that description first, but then I haven't had sex for pleasure since I was with Christine last month. Has time with her spoiled me (yes she'll say)? Even masturbation is less frequent.

Last week I spent the night with AM we cuddled a lot but our clits went untouched and Friday was a chaste date with Wendy. I'm seeing W later, we're meeting at Boobs Bourg for dinner and the probably go upstairs and find a couch and talk. I wonder if we'll have sex? Will I ever have sex again? Quiet girl you're getting hysterical.



Blogger Dacia said...

dear girl, I understand your panic. I don't want to go out and have sex that might be less than satisfactory, because shit I might as well get paid for that. But at the same time, schedules between the boy and I add up to us having sex about every two weeks. In between I get crazed and too sexhungry for my own good.

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