Monday, October 04, 2004

There were nine for brunch. The six plus Carole's husband Tomas (they're still trying to get her pregnant and both are smiling a lot), and a friend of Yvette. During the week I had perused Amuse Bouche looking for something new to try. When I saw something interesting I'd print it out so I could look it over at my convenience. When Elyse came home one night I asked for her opinion. She didn't go any further than JR's Veal Grillades, she loves veal and insisted that I'd make it. Added to that I planned a few American breakfast staples. Others were bringing the salads, desserts and wine.

Everyone started arriving about noon, a little after one we started eating…and eating…and eating. All we missed was an American football game on the TV. Poor Tomas being subjected to an afternoon with eight women, he's a good guy and Carole knows she has a peach in him. He even offered to do the dishes but we wouldn't let him.

I had a nice time with Stephen and his friends Marc and Isabelle Friday though I think it will be a one-time date. The auto show was huge, much larger than any I've been to in the past. I noted several possible Kimmiemobiles and I'll post pictures and comments later since many if not all may be unfamiliar to anyone in North America.

After the show we went for something to eat and to here some music. I'm glad we were doubling and out on activity date as there wasn't much chemistry and our interests are very different so conversation was kind of stilted beyond work, what's it like being an American in Paris and what's the US really like. When they dropped me off Stephen bussed me on the cheek and said he'd see me at the office.


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