Monday, October 11, 2004

Today Olympia described telephone conversations with rejected clients. One that caught my attention was the individual allegedly seeking a submissive. Based on the conversation I wondered if he was confused and actually wants a masochist or he's just a creep.

I view myself as a sexual submissive for me that means that with my partner (and I feel that some sort of relationship is needed), we will negotiate the parameters of my submission and within them she (I'm much more fulfilled submitting to a woman) may do with me as she pleases.

Throughout our friendship Christine has been willing to help me meet my submissive needs, though she has no personal need to be dominant. When I visited her I spent the weekend waiting and hoping that she had something planned for me and she did. On the evening before returning to Paris, I arrived back at her place she wasn't in the main area of the apartment. So put down my stuff and collapsed on to the couch.

She walked out of the bedroom wearing a leather vest over a sheer blouse, tight black jeans and stilettos. I wondered, I hoped and when I noticed the riding crop in her hand…I knew!

"Come" she said, a single word like you would call a dog. I guess I didn't move quickly enough. "Come" she said again and I stood up. "Down" She wanted me to crawl and I did. I stopped in front of her and looked up. She ran the crop along the side of my face and smiled. "You're still an obedient slut aren't you?" I nodded affirmation, as I am not to speak unless told to. Strip she told me so I removed my clothes and stood naked before her. She ran the crop along my body and wet it with my cunnie, then had me lick it.

I want you to get dressed she said handing me a club dress and a pair of platform pumps.

Since I've moved to Paris I have not explored my submissive side. Perhaps due to lack of trust or maybe don't feel in enough control of my life. But here with Christine it's different. I did as instructed, the pumps were too large and walking was difficult. The dress would cover me as long as I stood. "Where's your purse", she asked, "We need to go." In the truck she gave me my instructions. We were going to Steak and Shake for dinner, I was to wait in the truck till she called me with exact instructions as to what to do.

When my phone rang she told me to come in and sit on a corner stool at the counter. This being the suburbs, the restaurant was near full with groups of teens and families. There was much elbowing and head turning as I entered. The counter was bar height and I needed to climb up on to the stool, which I couldn't do with out exposing myself. I forced myself to look straight ahead at C sitting at the other end of the counter and who was watching me from behind a pair of sunglasses and smirked.

The girl behind the counter gave me a dirty look as she handed me the menu. I could sense some sort of commotion going on behind me, but I forced myself not to look. Finally the manager asked me to leave. Now what I thought, I'm locked out of the truck. Fortunately it was getting dark, I tried to keep out of sight between the building and the dumpster. Then a police car came by and stopped. The officers got out and questioned me and told me to move along otherwise they'd arrest me. Later I found out that the cops were friends of Christine's who were accomplices in on my torment. Not knowing what to do, I walked between the rows of cars hoping not to meet anyone. Finally I found a place to hide in the shadows. Christine eventually called me and instructed me to meet in front of the main doors of the department store.

It was the start of an interesting evening

Thank you Christine.


Blogger John Psmyth said...

I don't understand this at all. Why would you do this?

3:56 AM  
Blogger HeroineGirl said...

Ahh kimmie. That was real sister. I fucking dig you girl! You definately seek out adventures don't you?
I posted a reply to your comment on my blog :)
I am definately hooked onto McGirl, updating the link.
So much housekeeping ! Love you lots XX

4:17 AM  
Blogger darling maggot said...

as someone who played with D/s and bdsm (and left the scene after discovering an overwhelming number of sub-functional people made up most of the scene), i can appreciate this post, and can't wait to follow it to conclusion.

5:32 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

John, though rude, let me answer your question with a guestion. Why do you see prostitutes? Submission fulfills a need(s), I can't explain why.

3:26 PM  
Blogger HeroineGirl said...

Kimmeh , *just looks and you know* :P
Post me some pumpkin pie, I will send you some vegemite if you like ! Or a meat pie !
I didn't mean the crazy thing for real, I mean that you could easily get on very well with me, as I am quite crazy. Isn't everybody !

2:07 PM  

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