Thursday, November 04, 2004

Going to bed Tuesday evening it seemed Kerry was going to win so it came as an unpleasant surprise that Bush was winning on Wednesday morning. Apparently the exit polls received more attention in Europe than in the US, and they trended Democratic so the ex-pat community went to bed pretty happy. Leah told me that the media in the US media had down played the exit polling and waited for actual vote counts before declaring who had won a state.

Received a screed from Grace about how the northeast and California should secede and take their money with them. I think her point was that the states that voted for Kerry are generally net payers of Federal taxes and many of the states voting for Bush are net recipients of Federal monies.

Dad came and picked up the pugs. They were very happy to see him. The traitors, after all the affection and attention E and I gave them. I made him lunch and he told me about their trip and how they watched the World Series in Boston with a bunch of Leah’s friends. Juliette couldn’t quite fathom baseball but she rooted for the Red Sox anyway. I told him about last week and he became concerned and gave me a hug. I appreciated that.

Pretty much I’ve spent the week trying to find marketing jobs with out much success, though I do have a couple of introductory appointments with agency managers next week. I received an email from the administrative assistant to the agency owner in NY. It said they have no projects for me at this time. I guess he was just throwing BS when he talked about wanting to hire me or he found someone else. The owner from the local agency called to say he didn’t have anything either and that they were handling the maintenance of the US client internally, which I expected. He did say that he would bring me on if they get one of the large projects they are proposing.

Well I won’t starve or be put out on the street. Tonight I see Lucien, we’re going to the opera, Wednesday I saw a new client and Tuesday someone I’d seen before but I don’t think of him as a regular. Both these men, while nice enough, are kind of lumpy and not really attractive.



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What is said and what is done are too often widely different things. :)


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