Monday, November 08, 2004

Got this a bit ago. Makes my day!

From:"Amy XXXXX" (
Subject: Hi
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2004 11:33:12 –0600

Quick note before I head for lunch.

We had dinner last evening with your ex Mark and his fiancée. Thought you would like to know she’s an afgan.

We hope you’re doing well and that we talk soon.

Miss and love you.

Amy (and Rachel also)

Afgan (a reference to Afgan Hounds)was our term for vacuous people, all breeding and no brains. Well I hope they’ll be happy.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chuckled upon reading this post; many breeds could be added to the list of "all breeding and no brains". American Cocker first came to my mind; English Cockers still are good in obedience and hunting.

My Boxer club here in the hinterland of the US was the first in the midwest to gain the American Kennel Club autority to conduct obedience trials about 1988. More and more Boxer owners are training in obedience, thank you.

But Boxers are still on the edge of useful, other than for petting. I worked an agility trial last March. There were two Boxers among the eight hundred million herding breeds entries.

SAT's Boxer started the course, saw the crowd adn then proceeded to go up to a member in the first row. She gave the onlooker a lick and then very returned to her course. Nice breed but with the attention span of a gnat. SAT does confirmation, obedience and agility with her dogs.


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