Monday, November 01, 2004

He asked me about my mood and the events leading up to my call to him Friday. As he did that he took me through the suicide assessment checklist, I smiled at that and so did he. I told him about the virus, my disappointment on not getting the hotel project and how I’ve felt my mood slipping over the last several weeks. He asked me to tell him more about my perceptions of my changing mood. I told him of my indicators checklist and he asked about that. I asked him if he wanted to see it, he did.

He took a minute to look it over, then set it on the table next to him. “How do you feel today?” he asked. “Pretty good,” I said. “Have you been taking the medication as I suggested?” I nodded affirmatively. “Do you think it has helped?” I nodded again.

He didn’t say anything. I knew where the conversation was going we had talked about medication all the time. “I know,” I said in resignation. "But…" and I went on to talk about my mother and her medications. He let me speak till even I could see how irrational I was becoming, so I let my voice trail away.

We went on to talk about medications, what they do, why they work, all in the context of me. We talked about my coping skills and how those and my awareness of my moods benefit me. We talked about how using the checklist could be a guidepost as to when I should take the medications.

The conversation shifted and he asked if I were still seeing a therapist. I told him I wasn’t but didn’t go into the details. I offered that I was thinking about finding another. He agreed with that.


Don't Forget to VOTE


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Kim:

Hope you feel better.

I voted. FYI, turnout is looking very heavy. I live in a very blue part of a very blue state. I went before 7 a.m. (polls open at 6), and I was number 74 in line. By the time I got to vote at 7, there were about 40 more people in line behind me. I've been living and voting here for 14 years and have never seen that many people. Going early, I'm usually about number 4 or 5. My brother, who lives in a battleground state and is ecstatic about being free of all the ads, emails that he showed up 10 minutes before the polls opened, was about number 15 in line, and another 15 or 20 showed before opening. Looks like younger people are coming out; whether they vote Kerry or not is another question.
Best wishes,

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