Friday, November 12, 2004

It was just six when I looked out but still dark. The car was waiting, double-parked at the curb probably a Citroen, the shape was wrong for a Mercedes. I was ready to leave needing only to put on my raincoat. For this trip ‘Wallis’ could stay behind, the middle bag of my luggage would do. After all it was only two nights but possibly lunch both days and two dinner parties…I couldn’t get it all into a carry on. I probably should have sent the driver up for the bag but I didn’t, when I opened the building door he was out of the car and offering to take the bag. The traffic was light so the trip to CDG went quickly and I was there in plenty of time.

After checking in and clearing security I looked for the Air France lounge on the chance that a massage might be available, unfortunately the service was closed. Thwarted, I settled for breakfast; espresso, a croissant and a piece of fruit. I read the IHT as I ate, hoping to find good news regarding Margaret Hassan. The flight was uneventful and I arrived at JFK on time.

I no sooner tipped the bellman than my phone rang it was Jacques. “Join us for lunch in thirty minutes,” he said. “How about an hour,” I countered, we settled on forty-five minutes. Fifty-five minutes later I stepped into the restaurant. They were seated five men, all in their forties and fifties. Whatever the topic of their conversation, it shifted when I sat down. I was a distraction and that is what Jacques wanted. My chair was opposite him, I immediately engaged the men closest to me in a conversation and Jacques focused on the man to his right, who never looked at me.

After lunch I returned to the hotel, I was tired and we had a dinner party to go to. It would be impolite to fall asleep between courses so I napped for a couple of hours and then got up and showered. I put on a cream satin gown and then checked email before stretching out on the davenport to read.

When he entered the suite I put on my best-pampered feline in search of attention imitation. He sat next to me, brushing his hand along my side and then slipping it behind my neck and lifting my head slightly till we kissed. “Why don’t we forget about the party and just stay here and play?” I purred. “You want to play? I smiled and nodded affirmatively.

He slipped the straps of the gown off my shoulders and pulled it down my body tossing it on to a chair. He studied my body. “You’ve lost some weight, are you alright?” He asked. I have lost weight during the last few weeks, but I’m now eating better “I had the flu last week,” I told him. He removed his clothes and then sat next to me. I stroked his cock of a moment then shifted to take it in my mouth. His hand found my cunny and he began fingering me.

“Fuck me” I implored. He retrieved a condom and I put it on him and kneeled beside the couch pivoting my body to meet his. Alas the sex wasn’t earth moving. Not that Jacques isn’t a good lover it was just that I was feeling more mercenary than normal. I faked an orgasm, something I’ve become quite adept at, since I know it is important for him to bring me pleasure. After we snuggled on the couch, which I found quite pleasant and then it was nearing time to leave.

We took a quick shower and after Jacques asked if he could watch me dress. I consented to that and he sat in the bedroom chair to watch me. It was weird, I felt so self-conscious. Him studying me as I put on my stocking and attached them to the garter and then as I put the halter top and skirt on.

The dinner party was uneventful. Much cattiness regarding Nikki Hilton’s annulment and the Hilton sisters in general. There were four couples and as usual I was the youngest by at least a decade. Two of the women I had met in Athens and that gave something to talk about. The third grew up in the city where I went to college so we chatted about life there. Unlike most of Jacques dinners this had very little business. These were people were simply his friends and he enjoyed being around them. An invitation for lunch the following day was extended to me and I accepted.

Both Jacques and I were awake early Wednesday our bodies still on Paris time. Jacques is also a runner so we decided to do a three-mile loop through the park. He let me set the pace, a mistake on his part, he kept up for the first mile and I noticed him falling back so I slowed, about a half mile from the hotel I looked over at him and said “see yeah” and kicked it up. He quit and walked that last quarter mile and I stood in the lobby holding coffee for him. We made love in the shower; I guess he wanted to get his money’s worth as we rustled the linens when we came back from dinner and unlike last evening I had no reason to fake anything.

Lunch was at Tavern on the Green. When I got there I found a fourth was joining our party and that the matter at hand was to determining what Kimmie’s relationship with Jacques is. I figured there were no right or wrong answers; only smart or dumb ones and I generally managed to say something without revealing anything. Though I almost spit up when one of them asked me if I intended to marry Jacques. I simply replied “he would probably have some say in that.”

After lunch I was on my own for shopping, it was a mistake going into Tiffany’s but I resisted anything with diamonds and escaped with a simple silver chain necklace. Dinner that evening was the opposite of previous evening; a casual buffet at a TriBeCa loft and it was business after hours. Jacques spent the ride back to the hotel debriefing me about what I heard. The return to our suite was the beginning of more late night and early morning thrashing in the sheets and then I headed back to Paris.

Later this morning I head to Warsaw for a weekend with my former roommate and fellow sixer, Janna. Anne Marie decided to join me it will be fun!!!



Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

All in all sounds like you had a good trip. Hope Warsaw is fun!


4:57 PM  
Blogger rick said...

you have such style... it's nice to live your life through your words...

thank you...

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