Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Janna met us at the airport and on the way back to her apartment we received a quick tour of Warsaw. Katrina, Janna roommate and gf met us at their apartment. The plan for the evening was to make dinner and then go out on the town. But after too much vodka and beer we were in no condition to go anywhere that required driving and even walking was perilous. But we did make it to a local place and provided cheap entertainment for the regulars.

Saturday we drove to Janna’s parents. They live in a town about an hour from Warsaw in a workers cottage. From an American perspective it is hard to believe that seven children grew up in that house. It explained how easy it was for Janna when we lived together for her to share a small two-bedroom apartment with three other girls.

Janna’s father has but a few weeks to live. He seems so at peace with himself and is just enjoying the remainder of his life. Later Anne Marie commented that it seemed that nothing could have made him happier than the chance to meet his daughter’s friends. As we talked with him I looked up to see Janna and her mother standing behind him (J is definitely her mother’s daughter) their faces reflecting love, concern and sadness.


Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

Glad you made the trip safely and had a good time. I'm sure her father truly did appreciate the visit. It's always nice to know your children have friends and will do well after you're gone. :)


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