Sunday, November 07, 2004

My psychiatrist tells me that my depression is borderline clinical. Which is why he encourages me to take my medication as I cycle down

Physical exercise, accomplishing small tasks and getting some sun are the things I do to combat depression and these, excepting the recent episode, have been very effective. SAD is also something I'm susceptible, and living in Paris has made this worse due to the latitude and the prevailing cloudiness of the winter.

Henry suggested yoga and meditation, these I need to explore. Right now I’m feeling pretty well. I’ve begun paring back my medications. I’m sleeping at night and the number of depression markers on my scorecard is going down. I’m horney again and that’s a good sign.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have never written to you - however I thought I ought to tell you how much enjoyment I have received from both of your blogs; I understand how you feel re being located in the France with an impending winter.

However just a quick note to tell you how much pleasure you provide to lots of people around the world from your blog.

A Scotsman in Hong Kong

12:35 AM  
Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

I would encourage you to look at yoga and/or pilates as well. I've seen them work wonders with people who were so depressed even medication couldn't help.


3:54 AM  

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