Monday, November 08, 2004

This evening I've had the chance to review the comments that have been left over the last couple of weeks and I'm overwhelmed that so many people take the time to check in and see how I'm doing and read about my life and thoughts.




Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

One of the amazing things about blogging is how quickly we establish these "relationships" with people we really don't know.


1:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Kim:

I wanted to post earlier re your indecision over whether to not come back to the US, etc., in light of the election results. In short, there is no need for you to make such a decision, one way or the other right now. Years ago, when I was your age (I sound like a fogy, but I'm not) I had the opportunity to live in Europe (Germany) courtesy of the army. For three years. I lived among Germans in a small town, German landlord, speaking the language, had my own car, etc. I say without reservation that those three years were among the most important experiences of my life. As badly as the army sucked, and it DID, I'd go back and do it all again, just for being in Europe. More than anything else, the experience gave me perspective about a lot of things - about myself, about others, and about America. I remember, the first time I came stateside on leave, after about a year there, I was astonished at how much I had never noticed before about America, that I now noticed. Little stuff, too many things to go into in a brief post.

You're living in one of the great cities the world has ever seen, with friends, paying work, a place to live, and some command of the language. That's great enough. To boot, you're 20-something, blonde and attractive. You have the world by the shorts, girl.

You've been there a year and a half or so, right? This is about the time you probably are starting to think and/or dream in French. Some of the time, anyway. About ordinary things, and you may not even notice it. And that may be what is leading you to get depressed, or whatever. It's your identity adjusting itself to the expat experience, stretching and growing. And that can be disconcerting, particularly as and to the extent you go back and forth between languages and cultures.

As to the Kerry/Bush debacle, I wouldn't get too bent out of shape over it. A lot of people were really moping and pissed, in the blue states. But, unlike that guy from Georgia, that's no reason to go the WTC hole in the ground and shoot yourself. The fact of the matter is Bush's first term so fucked things that I'm kind of relieved Kerry doesn't have to clean them up and Bush can catch some blame when they start crashing around him. Indeed, you're probably on the right side of the pond at present. Just look at the way the euro-dollar exchange rate has gone over the past two years to see how the money people feel about Bush and his policies.

I hope this is of some help to you. (Shoot, I should take my own advice...)

Warm regards

1:16 AM  
Blogger Lambert said...

I want to second the motion of the previous caller.

Paris is a world city. You are at the hub of a fantastically dense network of unique experiences at a time in your life when you can experience them fully -- no "hostages to fortune."

For your own sake, take full advantage now. You are young, you may think "I can do it again later" but life is shorter than we think. I had a similar experience with French life and culture, and left for what I thought were good and sufficient pragmatic reasons. There isn't a day that passes that I don't regret that decision.

But!!! Be sure, as I said, to get plenty of sunlight, and do a lot of walking. And do something special for yourself each day, no matter how small. In Paris, that should not be hard!

4:18 AM  
Blogger darling maggot said...

hey kim,

has it been long since you've had a full physical? i know what a difficult demon depression can be. i just wanted to say that we shouldn't take depression at its face value alone. sometimes there's an underlying physiological problem that contributes to the condition. get your thyroid levels checked and all of that, especially if the depression doesn't seem to lift, and your energy levels stay low.

and most of all, take care. it's been a really difficult year for you. i give you a lot of credit for staying so sane and together.

3:28 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

WOW. Thanks all

And d, brunette, not blond. Tried blond once, a disaster.

DM good thoughts on the physical causes of depression. For myself I had a complete physical when I was hospitalized and nothing turned up. But the sun is out (I'm in NY) and I walked to and from lunch. Ah autumn in NY...

10:31 PM  
Blogger HeroineGirl said...

are you in NY now?
I am confused - how could I miss this!
I so suck.

Your great kim. I love you and need you , your spesh.
I always look forward to your comments on my blog, and I secretly love it when you take my side.
I'm like all..yeah word !
Dm taught me that word.

very sweet comment too, DM
Isn't he lovely :)

group hug !

3:48 AM  
Blogger Librarian Babe said...

In NY! I live a little ways from NYC. Let me know sometime when you're in town. (If you'd like.)

3:57 AM  

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