Monday, December 20, 2004

After leaving the salon on Saturday I was poking though the neighborhood shops. Not really shopping for anything, just seeing what was new and if anything appealed to me. Passing one shop a pair of boots caught my eye and I kept looking at them as I walked…right into someone. Embarrassed I apologized and realized it was Jacques. He laughed and admitted he had intentionally stepped in front of me. He asked if I had plans for lunch, I didn’t, and he asked me to join him.

He had one stop to make, a camera shop, to drop a camera to be repaired. Photography is a major hobby for him and he is quite good. He is the only client I’ve let take photographs of me, albeit clothed. As he explained the problem to the technician I perused the displays. I’ve been thinking of getting a camera with the travel it would be nice to have pictures of where I’ve been.

When he finished he joined me and we talked about my interest. He suggested a film camera and talked about the joys of the darkroom. I told him I wasn’t sure I wanted to make that great a commitment to the hobby and thought a digital would suit my needs. He made a couple of recommendations but they were more than I wanted to spend. Anyway I wasn’t buying that day.

We chatted over lunch; he asked if I ever found a winter coat, I told him I had and then he asked if it was mink or sable, “cashmere” I replied. When we were in NY I told him that I planned to look for a coat. He suggested a fur and we looked at them in a store near the hotel. I have mixed feelings about fur, one the one hand I love the look and feel, but on the other, trapping and raising the animal just for the pelt trouble me. Anyway I tried on a few and nearly fell in love with a ¾ length mink. Much to the disappointment of sales person I took it off.

He noted that I was seeing Michel, this surprised me and I asked if they knew each other. They did, having completed a business deal a couple of years before. I asked facetiously who got the better of whom. Jacques smiled and said they were both quite pleased with the results. During lunch he didn’t mention the blond and I didn’t ask. It is not my business. I did see her picture in the paper, so I know her name and I googled her and found out she qualifies as a socialite, heiress and board member. I’m terrible but I couldn’t help it. After lunch he drove me home.

Today a package came. It was a present from Jacques, one of the cameras he recommended and with it a note. The note expressed his appreciation of me and his enjoyment of out times together. Significantly it was written in the past tense, and knowing Jacques that was intentional. And intended as well was the ambiguous closing, not good-by or see you soon, just indeterminate. That’s it I guess, I won’t be seeing him at least for the foreseeable future. I’ll miss him. Not the money, for I’ll replace him as a client, I’ll miss him on a level that’s closer to friendship.


Wendy came for dinner last evening, it was nice to see her. We haven’t seen each other since before Thanksgiving, as we have both been busy. She brought bad news though; she is going home a month early, in February rather than in March. She’s running out of money.

The interviews for her project will be complete at the end of January; her plan had been to stay another four to six weeks and conduct follow up interviews. But with the cost of living here in dollars having risen so much her grant wasn’t large enough. Her plan now is to conduct the follow ups by email and phone. She does plan on coming back for a conference in June.



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