Sunday, December 12, 2004

HeroineGirl cribbed this idea and a couple of other bloggers have posted a list. I'll be a shameless copy cat to.

50 Things You Don’t Know About Me
  1. I’m petite with dark brown hair and brown eyes
  2. I wear my hair at shoulder length.
  3. The summer I was twelve my best friend and I would practice kissing in her pool house so that we would be prepared for when we had boyfriends.
  4. One hundred pounds is a good weight for me.
  5. But I have a hard time maintaining it.
  6. As an adolescent I attempted suicide.
  7. I discovered that the easiest way for a troubled teen to go unnoticed is to be a good student.
  8. My studies became a haven where I went to lose myself.
  9. I was a victim of date rape at fifteen. I never talked about it and didn’t admit I had been raped till I was in college.
  10. This is how I lost my virginity.
  11. I had my first BF in the eight grade.
  12. My first romantic relationship with a girl was during my freshman year of high school. It began in August and ended in December when our parents began asking questions about our relationship and kids at school began referring to us as queer and dyke.
  13. My parents were very supportive of me regarding my sexuality and I will be forever grateful.
  14. I’m a trust fund brat (thank you grand parents) though I cannot access the money or receive disbursements till I’m thirty.
  15. I once had a knight in shining armor. I discovered three days before my senior prom that the boy I asked (a freshman at the local college) had no intention of going and was stringing me along as a cruel joke. As he put it, “I’m not going to some lame high school prom with some townie slut.” To my rescue came the brother of a friend who drove 350 miles home from college to take me. We had a wonderful time that I’ll always remember. Thank you again MICHAEL!!! (yes that Mike)
  16. I began to pull my life together with a summer job prior to my senior year in high school. I learned I could make and manage money, and assume responsibility. The job? I drove a roach coach (lunch wagon).
  17. I wanted to go to an Ivy League college but was rejected for admittance.
  18. That was a blessing in disguise as the college I went to provided me with a great education and a wonderful experience.
  19. I love ice cream and I want to learn how to make gelato.
  20. When I was little I would put food on my toes so the dog would lick them
  21. I’m a fruits and vegetables kind of girl.
  22. I owned a motor scooter in college.
  23. I want to be a mother and have three children, with at least a child of each sex.
  24. I don’t believe my life compares favorably to that of my siblings.
  25. My alcohol and pot use is strictly social.
  26. I don’t own a TV.
  27. I had no romantic relationships with men between the ages of 16 and 21.
  28. In the past two years I have had significant relationships with two men.
  29. I prefer dresses and skirts for daily wear over slacks.
  30. I currently do not have one pair of panty hose in my drawer. I either wear stockings or bare legs.
  31. I once dyed my hair blond. A disaster I rectified by…
  32. I once cut my hair to less than a quarter inch in length.
  33. I have never owned a car.
  34. I prefer living alone but my current arrangement with Elyse has worked well.
  35. I’m petrified of failing to meet the expectations of those I am close to and who I value.
  36. My favorite colors are black and burgundy.
  37. I have no tattoos
  38. I once had several piercings.
  39. My favorite foods are everything and anything.
  40. I value friendship above all else.
  41. I realized that I had grown up when I recognized that my friends and family valued me.
  42. My clothing is organized by outfit and color.
  43. I don’t smoke.
  44. I was a very happy child.
  45. I feel blessed that I recognize and comprehend how the dissolution of my parent’s marriage and the onset of my mother’s illness affected me and contributed to my problems as an adolescent.
  46. In the winter I often sleep in pajamas with feet.
  47. When I’ve spent Saturday nights with Dmitri I accompany him to church service.
  48. I tended bar in college and for a short time in Paris.
  49. When out walking in the evening I enjoy looking into the windows of apartments and houses.
  50. I want to travel round the world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a faithful admirer of your lucid and honest writing more or less since you started I already had a fondness for you. Now...I just fell in love... a far off idealised impossible stupid love.

Almost every one of your 50 things connect with me, even not ever owning a TV.

Now read this and feel very good about yourself.


6:11 AM  
Blogger NCTRNL said...

I sometimes wonder if I could handle posting a list like this about myself. I wonder if it would have the same effect on people as yours did on me. I will be another one to say that I felt a little feeling of love while reading that...

9:49 PM  
Blogger HeroineGirl said...

wow thanks for doing the list.
It was magnificent. I have learnt so much about the girls. Waking vixen did one as well.
I am just waiting on Po Mo now as I would love to see her list as well.
LOL ! somehow I don't think so.
A touching list, and a great way to know you.

3:30 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

NC, its funny how bloggers and readers connect. I'm overwhelmed with the number of people who come out of the blogosphere to say something whether it be support or criticism.

In the several 50 Things I've read I always find one or two that I can relate to from my life and it reinforces how we all come from somewhere and not all aspects of our lives are fully unique. And I find that comforting to know that someone else struggled with the same things I do and is making progress in their lives.

HG, as you know confession is catharsis


4:27 PM  

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