Friday, December 10, 2004

It was mid afternoon Thursday when I returned from Munich. Tired, I stretched out on the couch and fell asleep. Elyse woke me when she came in. We hadn’t seen each other since Thursday so we caught up on what had happen. She went to London again to visit Mike. “Is this serious?” I asked. “I don’t know,” she replied. “But I’ve never been more comfortable around someone in my life.” Then she asked me if I wanted to go to a party that evening. I asked where and who would be there. She said mostly industry people, the marketing folks from the fashion houses and the corporate retail types. I figured why not.

As such events here tend to be, it was dressy I wore a long, slim black skirt and a paisley print bustier with matching stole and Elyse wore a satin cami and matching skirt. That outfit looked so good on her, I guess that’s why she’s a model.

The party was in a large apartment near the Louvre and was room was quite crowded when we arrived. Most of the conversation was business, how were the Christmas sales going, what was selling, what was not. Gossip about the upcoming couture shows. I knew a few people either through Elyse or Grace so we split up and mingled. I renewed some acquaintances and was exchanging business cards with a marketing manager from Louis Vuitton when I noticed him.

I’ve come to really appreciate successful men in their late thirties and forties. While hey’ve enjoyed success, they have often experienced failure as well, and are confident without being cocky. Physically there is much to appreciate; facially they may be at the handsomest point of their lives and their bodies can still be youthful. He was all that, I must have been staring because he caught my look and the Vuitton woman glanced at him then told me who he was. We continued to talk and I looked up at him again, and again he caught me.

A few minutes later he appeared at my side offering me a glass of wine. We introduced ourselves and talked about what we did. He’s an executive at one of the department stores and I’m (not that) a freelance marketing/PR manager. As we talked I admired his suit, later I would discover it was a Brioni. I love suits on men. I checked his hands; no sign of a wedding ring, so far so good.

NOTE to MALE READERS: find yourself a good clothier and buy and wear a few suits. I know some of you have cute butts, nice flat stomachs and well toned upper bodies. You guys wear tight jeans and tee’s the rest of you wear suits more often. A good tailor can help use a suit to hide problems and accentuate positives. I don’t know of too many women who don’t give a second glance to a guy that’s well dressed.

Elyse headed toward me and saw what was happening and veered off, it was the last I saw of her. After talking a bit he suggested we go someplace quieter and maybe get a bite to eat. I assented and off we went to a nearby bistro conveniently next to a hotel. After doing about everything to let him know I was interested except whisper ‘fuck me’ in his ear he suggested a room, I was thinking the men’s room would be OK to.

He left during the night so I suspect a wife or girlfriend does exist, but that is something to worry about at another time. I lazed away the morning being very content. It has been a while since I’ve just let myself be picked up for purely recreational sex by a guy, usually that occurs with women. But this was very nice. When I got home there were roses waiting (so sweet) and a note in a man’s writing (he actually went to the florist??) saying he wanted to see me again.

I’m home for the weekend and I have no commitments till Tuesday. I plan to be selfish and pamper myself. I’m spending time with friends and getting reacquainted with Paris.



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