Thursday, December 16, 2004

The retailer called he asked if I was available for lunch Thursday. We lunched and had desert at a business class hotel near the restaurant. As we lay in the bed I asked him when I would see him again, he suggested lunch Wednesday. “Tell me,” I asked, “are you married or is it a girlfriend?” “Married,” he admitted. I’ll give him points, he didn’t tell a lie…to me.

“Does that bother you?” He asked. “I don’t know,” I replied, and I don’t.

He kissed me; he has soft lips. His hand slipped between my legs and he began fingering me. I quickly O’d. I slid down and took his cock into my mouth. It’s funny after all the cocks I’ve sucked because I felt I had to, I finally found that I enjoy it.

“Your attitude is quite sophisticated for one so young,” he said. “About what?” I asked but I knew. He stumbled in his reply and finally I asked, “You mean marriage and infidelity?” My bluntness caught him off guard, “yes” was all he said.

He checked his watch and said he needed to go, as did I, having a date this evening.


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What a tangled web...

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