Monday, December 06, 2004

Saturday Gavin flew me to Seville; he was there for the Davis Cup Finals. When I arrived he had already left for the stadium so I needed to catch up. I was fun and exciting, but I was disappointed the US lost. I think G’s enthusiasm for tennis is catchy I find myself enjoying it more and spending two days watching it was not as difficult as it was in September.

G is normally has refined tastes but he does have a weakness for tarts and not (just) the pastry kind. As a surprise I indulged his peccadillo, my wardrobe for the weekend featured trashy with a touch of schoolgirl; I brought out the inner dirty old man.

He’s making progress on his diet. He consulted a dietician and has hired a personal trainer and has managed to lose nearly 7Kg. When I commented how good he looked he did the pull on the waistband see my pants are loose trick. He’s a sweetie.



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