Friday, December 10, 2004

Thursday as I waited for my plane to board I called Marie, near the end of my conversation I asked if she was aware of the escort service busts going on in NY (see). “Stupid for having their operations in New York,” she snapped and cut off further discussion; about that time they were calling my flight.

But I found her comment interesting. The bank upon which my payments are drawn is incorporated in a Caribbean nation, the ISP she uses is there also and when I’ve spoken to the agency staff both their French and English has a Caribbean accent. My client, the foot fetish has commented on this. He is an attorney and I believe spent some time in the prosecutor’s office, I asked him if being off shore would protect her from prosecution. He said only if the agency owner didn’t live in France, though it did reduce the exposure.

I’ve wondered about Marie’s business, she claims to run a just a small, elite escort service, but the whole support organization seems too large for just a dozen or so girls. A couple of suspicions I’ve had are that Marie’s Costly Cunts is more of a franchise and in Berlin there is Elsie’s Costly Cunts, in London, Diane’s Costly Cunts, etc all using the same back office. The other suspicion is that I’m involved in only the exclusive agency and that she has or is involved with one or more ‘storefront’ agencies that advertise through directories and have extensive websites. She then trolls the client list of these agencies for wealthy clients to entice into the higher cost service.

Well time to eat drink and be merry with friends.



Blogger John Psmyth said...

Read the eva/ave story. The part that jumped out at me was $31,000 seized from a two-room apartment. That's a pretty amazing take (at least from the perspective of this salaried living-hand-to-mouth person) -- and it shows why the business, and the life, will continue regardless. And from a values perspective -- so important these days -- isn't prostitution the ultimate expression of what being a "good" bourgeios means?

All that will happen is that the prices will go up, since the risk has good up. And, since the super-rich will continue to be able to afford whatever they want, it's only going to be the rest of us who are affected. ...

Great post, Kimmie. Very interesting business perspective. Thanks.

5:52 PM  

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