Monday, January 31, 2005

Home again! And I’m going to stay put for a month. My sleep is messed up but I don't have anything scheduled for a few days, a new client Thursday.

Someday I want to own a home on a Caribbean island. My fantasy is a tiny bungalow in a village not far from the beach. The house will be a single room dominated by the kitchen with a cot under a window for my bed. It will have a garden where I’ll grow herbs, vegetables and flowers for my table. Friends and lovers will come to visit but never stay. When summer comes I’ll return to Paris or New York.

But that’s the fantasy if I do someday have a hideaway it will most likely be a condo or a timeshare.


We had a very nice few days. Gavin’s no longer pudgy while not hunky his weight is down significantly. He says he feels so much better and younger even. He is definitely a more energetic lover. Each night we (he really, I fell asleep) watched the Australian Open, I asked why we hadn’t gone there? Too far was his response and that he would also be sneaking in a couple of business meetings in Jamaica during the week. Maybe next year. Besides lolling on the beach and being naughty we played golf and tennis each day, two more sports where I have a significant skills deficit.


Before Christmas and now with Valentine’s Day coming up I've gotten a couple of emails asking if I have a Wish List. Of course I do, but most of the things that it contains really can't be purchased. For Valentine’s Day If you would like to do something for me please make a contribution to a charity, either one that I support or one that is important to you and send me a note letting me know you've done so.


I’ve added the International Justice Mission to my list of supported organizations. They describe their work as…

IJM’s casework efforts have focused on rescuing girls from commercial sexual exploitation, releasing children from bonded slavery, freeing men and women from illegal detention and torture, protecting street children from abusive authorities and assisting victims of illegal seizures of land and property.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back & Thanks for the IJM link Kim, It's a huge issue of great importance around the world. Lest we forget those who are the most unfortunate among us, barely existing as wretchedly exploited children. Cheers, VJ

6:56 AM  
Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

Always glad when you return safely. :)


4:24 AM  

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