Friday, January 14, 2005

I've up dated my sidebar. A long time ago I should have added the Church of Steelle and lithium journals v2.0, but now it's done.

Lili G is a photographer and writer; her two blogs Eroticlee1 and Eroticlee2 have examples of her writing and photography. The pictures accompanying this post are Lili’s and periodically I plan to feature her work as the Picture of the Moment on the sidebar.

Nikki's Afterthoughts, Nicole is a pre-med student and ex-dancer who writes about her thoughts and feelings as a young person with high personal aspirations but who has only her own resources to enable her.

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Jane Vincent, The Educated Slut is a friend of Dacia Ray of Waking Vixen. Jane when her computer is working regularly writes on a life in sex.

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Lastly The Ultimate Globe Ride is the blog of Donna-Rae Polk a sixty-one year old woman who is undertaking her dream of traveling around the world on a motorcycle, but before leaving she needed to learn how to ride a motorcycle. Another barrier Donna faces is that she is in the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease.

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ooooh, LOVE Lili G's work!


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