Monday, January 03, 2005

New agency girls are often deluged with dates with the agency’s clients, so to it seems is a girl new to touring. Working as a whore I’ve stuck pretty close to Paris, traveling only to see existing clients. Part of the reason was I was comfortable with staying in Paris and the other was I had the marketing work to do.

Of Marie’s girls I was only one of three that stayed close to home. She was fine with that as I work regularly and I have happy clients, but she never failed to remind me of that there were opportunities I was missing by staying home. After pulling myself together emotionally last fall I met with her and asked what she had to offer.

She suggested visiting other cities in Europe. She would arrange the dates using her database of gentleman. I told her that I was only interested in overnights or longer and I needed to ensure the usual services provided to me; collection, travel, scheduling etc. She assured me that the services and also suggested a personal website outside the agency’s. I thought this over while we had lunch and when finished I gave her the go ahead.

That evening I was surprised to receive an email with a link to the website with a note saying if I was OK with it the launch would be the next day. The site is very nice appealing layout, good copy and an appropriate use of Flash so it loaded quickly and was easy to navigate. The photos used came from my file and tended to be classy and classic. Exclusive, elegant and worth it was the message.

I cringed a bit realizing that my pictures were on a site talking about exclusive companionship (the word escort isn’t used) that anyone could surf into (Marie’s site is invite only). As I sent off my acceptance I noted another line that I’ve crossed.

If I was surprised about how quickly the site went up I was surprised again two days later when Marie sent a message that I was booked for three nights in Rome and Milan and after that it was the same in other cities. I haven’t traveled every week but generally I leave on Tuesday and return Friday, often with quick trips back to Paris to be with regulars. It appears that I’ll pretty much be booked till February, which is when I decided to take a break, stay home and reevaluate.

My first two months as a whore can be summed up as learning and surprise. The summer and fall I compare to being a popular girl at a high school dance, you get a chance to dance as much as you want but you needn’t dance with the poor dancers twice. But the last two months of whoring has been more like work.

One thing that is very different is that I don’t have the luxury of a short, get to know each other date. While I’ve not had any lousy experiences a couple of times things just didn’t click so the dates were stilted. Another is that the dates are much more about sex than companionship. If I continue to tour I expect this will change as I develop regular clients, but for right now the men I’m seeing are simply curious about the new girl. Then there is the sheer number of new faces, names and penises, it has all becomes a blur.

This post is being written from my hotel room in Miami, which I will use as a base for a few days. Christine is with me until she returns home on Wednesday and I’m treasuring this time with her.



Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

hmmmm ... interesting change in perspective. And what of the travel itself? Is it yet wearing on you in any way?


10:58 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Not the physical part of travel, most cities in western Europe are only a couple of hours away. But I am more disconnected and that is wearing.

7:41 PM  
Blogger Carmiel Israel said...

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2:58 PM  

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