Saturday, January 22, 2005

Thursday evening found me tied, spread-eagled over a counter. Michel was enjoying himself paddling my insufficiently padded ass while making up bad poetry on the fly. Ah Frenchmen are so romantic. When my flesh was finally the proper shade of red and the correct temperature he lubed me up for a good ass fucking. I’m not sure if Michel is simply slow to come or has incredible control but I was limp and exhausted when he finally pulled out of me and walked around the counter to deposit his load on my face. Then benefiting from a miracle of modern pharmacology he used his still hard dick to spread the mess over my cheeks and lips till I greedily took him into my mouth.

Now dear reader lest you feel Michel is simply a common misogynist I must point out that on Wednesday evening the roles were reversed and Michel was shackled to a post and I attached various clamps and clips to his tender regions including a nefarious little device that became painful to wear when he got an erection, which of course it was my duty to ensure. Of course Michel’s tender ass received appropriate attention from my belt and Mistress Kim wielding the mighty strap-on brought tears to eyes of her pitiful slave.

I’ve spent my mornings taking skiing lessons and my afternoons falling down as I try to master what I was taught earlier and surprise there is always some nice boy nearby to help me up. Michel is giving me an A for effort even if he needs to stifle a grin at my progress. He finds me after the lesson and we ski together for a couple of runs then we have lunch and we ski together for a bit and then he heads off to ski the nasty stuff. I typically quit early and retire to the bar.

Friday after my lesson we ventured to the top of the mountain so I could see the view and tried to ski down though one section I must have fallen two dozen times and for another I took off my skis and walked. By Friday afternoon I had enough skiing and signed up for a badly needed massage.

That evening Michel hosted a cocktail party at his place and yours truly was lady of the manor. I was glad that we had gotten our back-stories straight as I fielded several questions from curious friends of Michel's regarding how we met and how long we’ve been dating.



Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

Nothing is simple any more, is it?


10:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ass to mouth? Can we assume that he wore a condom for ass and then took it off before working at your other end?

DTG xxoo

2:51 AM  
Blogger darling maggot said...

you know what's better than ass-to-mouth? ass-to-ass. it's gets from nasty to nastier to nastiest, depending on your configuration of genders involved.

5:02 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS a condom for anal or vaginal penetration. Not as consistent as oral. Left the part out about his removing the condom.

Dimitri is the only man I'll have sex with w/o a condom.

But glad you asked DTG.


7:05 AM  

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