Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A bit ago I noticed that Alexa at A New York Escorts Confessions had linked to me. I've been meaning to return the favor and finally have.

Another housekeeping item buried in my inbox is this link to a news story about a German woman who is in danger of losing her unemployement benefits unless she takes a job as a prostitute. I guess there are two ways to view this, as an outrage or a sign of acceptance of sex work in society. I lean to outrage.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh boy, This is like so last week. It's a hoax, or at the very least not quite what it seems. Always check out the 'Urban Legends Reference Pages'[] before posting on the lastest tasty internet morsel. If it sounds too weird to be true, it might not be: []

This guy also has the story: [].

I posted on this over at Feministing.:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's what the German authorities had to say on that bit: Via Feministing:


"Today, however, a spokesperson from Germany's Federal Labor Office said that "job centers would not look for prostitutes on behalf of brothels, nor offer sex industry jobs to people who hadn't specifically mentioned it as an area of interest."

Seems like no one being forced to do anything against their will, which is good, and about what we'd come to expect from the modern (post WWII) German social welfare system. And I forgot to sign the post above, It's by VJ, this too.

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