Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Dad and Juliette leave for Capetown later this morning. I’m going to see them off with J’s children. Last evening we got together for dinner, when we were finished I found myself alone in the kitchen and began to sob. The reality of their leaving hit me harder than I expected. A couple of other family things contributed, since Kenny has changed jobs I won’t see him once a month like I had, and Grace has different responsibilities at her job so she didn’t come for the fashion shows. Lots of small family disconnects added up. One good thing is that Dad will be coming to Paris every six weeks or so and they plan to be here in June when Kenny and Catherine come.

Now that I’m home I’m trying to get back into my old schedule and get comfortable. When I visited Nikki’s Afterthoughts and read this post, I laughed about her description of how she copes with stress. Today I alphabetized the spices, centered all the plant pots on the windowsills and refolded all the clothes in my drawers.

Am I the only person who misses Eva/Ave? Hers was a favorite blog of mine. My image of her is of a young Lauren Bacall type. Very smart and very sexy with a sultry whisper of a voice that induces loss of composure.

The intersection of licit and illicit lives makes for a compelling blog when well written. Unfortunately it also inspires those who seek to reveal the writer.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry about all the disconnections and leavings. Perhaps it's time to make some new friends? It's a thought... Cheers, VJ

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me too, I miss eva/ave like hell. Her writing smoked, and she always sparked excellent discussion.

DTG xxoo

6:09 PM  
Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

Yeah, I miss Eva, too. I do hope she's safe. Scares me when someone is compromised like that.

Have a friend from my favorite coffee shop heading to Paris tonight. I TRIED to get him to let me stow away in his luggage. ;)


11:29 PM  

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