Friday, February 04, 2005

A funny thing about knowing models is how surprised you can be when you see one of them in an ad. This morning I was in an ad agency's reception area waiting for an opportunity to speak with a project director. To stave off boredom I was looking through a trade journal and turned a page and found myself looking at Elyse. It was a stock photo, her dressed in business attire, an assistant to the assitant of assistance I guess. An older woman, apparently giving her some percise instructions while a middle aged man, the executive maybe or client, looked on. I've seen photos like this before and I asked her if she remembered the shoot, she didn't.

I had two appointments yesterday and another today, hopefully I'll get some work from one of them.

It's dry today with some sun and moderate temps. I'm going to renew my love affair with Paris this afternoon and visit my a favorite haunts. A stroll along the Seine perhaps a visit to a cafe. I'm enjoying being home.

This evening I'm having dinner with Anne Marie and Yvette.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a hello to let you know Midwest corn is trading for $2.30 today in the Chicago Commodity Exchange. I think.

I saw the three urban deer in the neighbohood this AM. Otherwise life is a country song. The engine in the Canadian made Ford is dying and tension roller in the Blazer stopped this AM.

Oh, and my kid is going to China this summer; I relented; actually, I had no choice as I was out-voted. I have never been out of the states.

It is warmer here in Iowa, er Idaho, er Missouri than it is in Paris. I checked.


7:57 PM  
Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

Models can be very funny and surprising people. :)

Take my spirit on that walk with you, please. Don't worry, that part of me knows how t keep its hands to itself. ;)


3:58 PM  
Blogger An international escort's luxury travel blog. said...

Enjoy your love affair with paris...Hopefully an intense one...
Regards from Kathleen

12:38 PM  

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