Tuesday, February 22, 2005

It was nice to spend some time with Gail. We were best of friends as children, but we grew apart in high school. Frankly I was too fucked up and weird for her. Senior year we became close again. We’ve kept in touch since then but much more frequently in the last few months.

She told me that she’s getting a promotion at her work and will be moving to Chicago from Atlanta so I’ll put her in touch with Rachel and Amy. They’ll help her get settled.


Tonight I’m heading to Grenoble with Anne Marie to ski for a couple of days. AM grew up in the Grenoble area and has been a skier since she was four or five. She confessed that she dreamt of going to the Olympics as a child but by the time she reached adolescence she knew that wasn't to be. When I told her that I had taken ski lessons she got excited and began planning this trip.



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