Monday, February 21, 2005

My it was an eventful weekend. Elyse met Gail and Mike’s train Friday morning, I was about and missed them when they dropped their bags. The plan was that those three would sight see and I would make dinner. Later we would go out and sample the nightlife.

All went swimmingly and at ten we were sitting around having grappa when Gail asked to use the phone. She called her mom and in front of the group told her Elyse was a wonderful girl and Mike was very lucky to have met her. Mike was blushing, E was crying and I was tearing up. She gave the phone to E, this was the first time E and M's mom had spoken and then she passed the phone to me.

G&M’s mom has a special place in Kimmie’s hall of heroes as she opened her home and ear to me as a refuge during the chaos of my adolescence. We talked for a bit and then I gave the phone to M. Going out later was anti-climatic.

Saturday G & I went off shopping and let the lovebirds have time alone. Saturday evening the Six and assorted SO’s and husbands were coming by for a potluck and from there we would see how our mood struck us. The evening went off with out a hitch and while some wandered off most of us decided to hang out and drink wine. After the last of the stragglers headed home we retired. G and I were talking in my room when a shriek emanated from E’s room and the sound of scampering followed by my bedroom door being flung open. E stood in the doorway babbling and crying, holding out her hand, which was now decorated by a big rock. It was now G and my turn to shriek. Mike was congratulated and a bottle of champagne was opened to toast the two of them. Phone calls were placed to the US and Estonia, rousting E's family from a sound sleep. Sunday morning we all nursed hangovers.

Mike returned to Paris after dinner Sunday night, G flew home from Paris this morning and E went to work wearing her ring, temporarily sizing it with yarn.

Kim needs a rest.

A note to House Husband, I’ll have you know I made breakfast each morning and packed G a lunch for her flight. Maternal? Damn right and proud of it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear MCgirl
I've been remiss in my duties here in the hinterland. Three days in a row, all I could get together was to offer a bowl, cereal, and milk or coffee.

Tonite will again be très facile. Beef flour tacos. The booze prevents any attempt beyond tacos.

Tomorrow is another day. The MF's have advertised my old job as a part-time thirty hour a week job. I think I am going to apply for it, but depending upon negotiations on hours, etc. Another long shot job directing the local homebuilders assoc. on Wednesday.

Hand wringing and head scratching here.

Oh yes, pork and beef, refried beans, flour tacos, shredded lettuce, cheap cheese, ho hum. And, a special salsa that I make by taking it from a bottle.

And so, dear, details! What were the breakfast menus you prepared this past weekend? Did you shower and dress with stockings before this effort? Served with cloth or paper napkins? China or paper plates? Inquiring minds want to know.

Iowa, by any other name.

9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds magical Kim. Me, I'd get a lock on that bedroom door before too long... VJ

8:24 AM  

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