Sunday, March 20, 2005

HAPPY SPRING!!! From the desk by the window I can see Christine still snoozing, sleepy head. We are in San Francisco on spring break. And the girls have gone wild, though in the privacy of our own room and other secluded locations.

Since I have some time with my beloved still asleep and me still on GMT +1, this would be a good time to look at some spring things.

Ah Marc Jacobs, what can I say.

Marc Jacobs
(Mark Jacobs)

I was ready to swear allegiance and become a Marc-girl but then I saw the pictures of the Fall 2005 collection

Marc Jacobs fall
(Marc Jacobs, Fall 05)

One critic suggested he was dressing women as garden trolls. Maybe for halloween.

In my next life I want to be six inches taller so I can where Ralph Lauren's collection to their full effect.

Ralph Lauren
(Ralph Lauren)

Olympia suggested Narcisco Rodriguez as a designer to watch and I agree.

Narcisco Rodriguez
(Narcisco Rodriguez)

Valentino. Just the thing for the well kept woman.


Proenza Schouler is a young designer that who's clothing I would be very pleased to wear.

proenza schouler
(Proenza Schouler)

Prada, is well, Prada. Lots of just off center choices here.


Moschino doesn't seem to get the press that other designers do but so much of the clothing is so wearable.


Lanvin has been touted as a fashion house on the comeback trail. I'm going to track down the strapless cocktail dress and try it on.


I'll let you in on a secret, I've become a Chanel slut. Not that I'd spend my own money to buy them, the cost is too high. But I haunt the boutiques and then search for knock offs and look-alikes. Though I may change my mind for the suit pictured second from the left.


Hmm, signs of life are occuring and the sheet has slipped down to reveal her lovely breasts. Won't she be disappointed when she finds out I've drunk all the coffee.



Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

Awwww, did you post this just for me??? ;)

Okay, check out the spring Fendi collection. Not everything is a winner, but there are a few really nice pieces there.

Oh, and there are some of Michael Kors' spring pieces that would look KILLER on you, especially one particular white gown ... that ... sigh, just begs to end up draped over an antique chair because it's too nice to leave on the floor.

Do you watch Cynthia Rowley's stuff any? I'm not sure what's up with her spring collection. Too many of the pieces look as though they were drug through the barnyard, but if you're looking at the display on her web site ( click on Spring 2005), #s 11 and 31 are nice.

Sigh. And you know I could go on and on ad nauseum. Were I could be there to kiss you both, but ... in my dreams.


2:40 AM  

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