Friday, March 25, 2005

Is there anything more boring than four, loud drunk guys talking about golf? And to make them more foolish adopting idioms and speech patterns found in hip hop lyrics.

I’m driving Christine a bit crazy. Since Christmas I’ve been ramping up emotionally and now I’m ‘active’. Pretty much chatting non stop and having the attention span of a flash. Not to mention needing only about five hours of sleep per night and doing about four things at once. But even with that we’re having a great time.

On Sunday afternoon we left SF and headed for Sonoma County where we stayed for a couple of days before moving on to Napa. Today we’re going to Mendocino and will drive back to SF Sunday to catch our planes. Initially I planned the trip as a luxury vacation for the two of us. Since her birthday was last week and she turned the big twenty-five (a good thing so we could rent a car, something we didn’t think about in planning the trip), I intended to treat her, but C wasn’t comfortable with what it would have cost. So we down graded and decided except for the first nights we’d also just find someplace clean and cheap when we were tired of being out. That worked well except the weather has been so lousy and we’ve spent more time indoors than we would like. So we decided to go back to the original plan and the last couple of nights we’ve spent in a nicer small hotel that has some amenities and that is in town.

Mostly we’ve been poking our heads into every museum, gallery or interesting shop we see. Beside Wallis, I brought an empty bag knowing that there would be treasures that I would want to bring home and UPS has been a regular stop to ship C’s finds.

We’ve also been pretty absorbed by the Schiavo story. I was aware of it, but didn’t know a lot about it. C does, her family went through the decision to remove her father from life support following an accident, and so much of what is being discussed is all too real for her. We both can sympathize with the parents and the husband but find the circus that has developed around this case appalling.

After Miami, we’re both happy this trip has gone well. C’s planning to visit me in Paris in June for a week. This will be fun.

Word from Elyse that her and Mike’s life has gotten complicated. At the end of his company meeting last week, he was told he was receiving a promotion and would be returning to the states at the end of April. Needless to say they’re both pretty stressed. They did decide to have the wedding in Paris, so that is resolved, now she trying to figure out immigration rules so she can join him prior to the wedding.



Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

I do hope the weather clears and your weekend is an enjoyable one!


10:36 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Sorry that the weather has been so horrible during your stay in California. It has been un-ususally wet this season and the weather report said this year has the 2nd highest rainfall total on record so far. Hope you got a chance to enjoy Sonoma and Napa for their wine tasting like the movie "Sideways." Take care Kim! :)

3:08 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Today is supposed to be windy with rain on the coast if we had stayed in land it might be dry.

Oh well, the company is the important thing.


3:46 PM  

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