Monday, March 14, 2005

Mike has meeting in the US this week so he decided to go early and visit his family. Elyse stayed in Paris; it may have been the first time we were both home on a weekend since Thanksgiving. Friday evening we caught a movie and then had a late dinner while gabbing. I asked her how the wedding plans are coming; she muttered something in Estonian that I suspect translates into “I think we should elope.”

The normal family problems over where to have the wedding. Mike’s mom want to have it in our home town, Elyse’s mom in her village so Elyse can be married in the same church as her mother and sister and grandmother and you get the idea. Neither of these locations appeals to Mike or Elyse, as they have not lived in those places since leaving home. E considers Paris home and Mike doesn’t really feel he has a home, having moved every 18 months since college.

The hoped for wedding date is in September, so weather shouldn’t be an issue anywhere. I put my vote in for Paris. It would be easy for her to manage the planning and she knows several party planners and is familiar with many of the venues. She said she’s leaning in the same direction and they were going to decide when Mike gets back to London.


Dmitri called Saturday morning and I invited him for brunch Sunday. Café Kim would be open and the usual suspects would be showing up for sustenance some starting their day others finishing their evening. I tried my pastries and they were a success. They disappeared faster than beer at a fraternity party. We had quiche, roast potatoes with cheese and herbs and fresh fruit. Anne Marie brought chocolate for dessert.

By One they were gone, except D who stayed to clean up and hoped that the chef might be a bit horney. I was and we used most every surface in the apartment to make love but the bed. At five I shooed him out telling him I had a project to complete for the morning. It was a deception; I had a client and needed to get to Roissy by seven.

The client was at that hotel, but my nemesis the bell captain was not around. The client had already checked in so I went up to the room. He was in need of a pre-dinner floorshow; a strip tease, a lap dance followed by cock worship. Dinner was ordinary and it was back to the hotel for more entertainment. In the morning I made sure he would be relaxed for his flight. With him gone before eight I settled in for a bath. While he had a lousy choice in restaurants he did get a nice room.

Tomorrow I’m going to Amsterdam for a night. This will be my first time there and I’m looking forward to it.



Blogger Polonius said...

Very envious of your trip to Amsterdam... lots of glorious trouble to be had!

7:18 PM  
Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

I'm envious of your pastries! So help me, I'm going to find a way ... ;)


11:24 PM  

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