Friday, April 08, 2005

Don’t Forget Philanthropy Friday!!!

One of my favorite blogs is Life of a Viet Bug; partially it is the writing, spare and evocative. Partially it is the locations she writes from. But I also admire the work that she is doing and how she is contributing to the world.

Last week I noticed she had added a ‘Viet Bug Supports’ section to her sidebar. Several of the organizations were new to me. After reviewing the organizations websites and checking other sources regarding them, I have added them to my sidebar and I will become a regular contributor to them.

In choosing organizations to support I have decided to focus on those seeking to serve the most impoverished of the world. While there are many organizations in Europe and the US whose goals I agree with and support, focusing on issues that exist with in our societies. I have decided that contributing money to help the world’s poorest and exploited will produce the greatest marginal improvement in lives.


*Note: I initially tried posting this in the morning but blogger was down. I've adjusted the post time to reflect when the post was written.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kim, I've wanted to do this for awhile, so I'll start here. The independent documentary, 'Born into Brothels', about the children of prostitutes in Calcutta, India won the Oscar for Best Documentary this past year. The film makers have a foundation:


for 'empowering children through the art of photography'. I think it's an especially worthy cause that both Ross Kaufman and Zana Briski are creating, and one that really deserves better notice. I've been neglectful in trying to get better exposure for this good effort.

Again from the web site by Ross Kaufman and Zana Briski: []

'How can I help?
Get involved! Your generous support helps Kids with Cameras provide empowerment to marginalized children around the globe. You can sponsor a workshop, volunteer in our office and spread the word': []

Contact info:

Kids with Cameras
341 Lafayette Street
Suite 4407
New York, NY 10012

(646) 722-8404 voice and fax


You can also email the kids directly. And I might add that the film, 'Born into Brothels' is one of the most heartbreakingly sad bit of reality I've seen on film for quite sometime. Just damn brilliant. Thanks Kim! 'VJ'/JMP

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