Friday, April 01, 2005

He was a referral from an existing client of Marie’s. When she interviewed him he asked if she had any American girls working in the agency. Marie said she did and he asked to see me. I didn’t know the gentleman who made the referral as he was a regular of another girl. She told me he was a nice guy and had mentioned to her that he had a friend who had a thing for American girls and he was a normal guy.

We’ve talked a couple of times during the week. He was shy at first and had difficulty telling me what he wanted our date to be like. Most men are seeking companionship and sex and they are easy to be with, though sometimes boring. The guys with fetishes are interesting and I enjoy serving them, within limits of course. When they’ve gotten the chance to satisfy their kink they are so happy, which makes my job more rewarding.

As we talked it became obvious that he wanted a semi-scripted date. As we talked about that it asked that I dress a certain way. Dress up is a pretty common request. When I asked him how he wanted me to dress, he said like an American girl. OK, now how’s that? He eventually told me he wanted me to wear jeans, sneakers and a university sweatshirt. Oh and a ball cap. Since the evening would be cool I added a warm up jacket.

We met at a place that was supposed to be an ‘American’ bar. But this place wouldn’t exist anywhere in the US, it’s really a French interpretation of an American bar. The place was crowded when I got there so I called him to ID him. He looked like his picture, a pretty typical mid-thirties Frenchman.

We each had a beer and then he had another while I switched to water. Drinking and whoring don’t mix. We talked for nearly two hours and then I suggested we go to his hotel. In the room he asked if he could undress me and I let him. Then I returned the favor. He had a nice cock, check that, a very nice cock. I really didn’t need any encouragement to go down on him. He was also a bit slow to come, but that was fine because when he did it was with a loud moan and a bit of a shudder.

We rested up a bit and he fucked me, the mercenary position. And then it was time to go. He was pleased and he showed it.



Anonymous Sweeney said...

Dear Kim,
Thanks for sharing your new client with us. I envy him somewhat!
Just one other comment; it seems to me that, when you are whoring, every position is, de facto, the mercenary position!
Best wishes,

11:42 AM  
Blogger Kim said...


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