Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I missed informing you of my anniversary. I’ve been a Fille de joie for a year. That’s right as of last Wednesday I’ve been trading my virtue for Euros for a year. So much has happened that I never could of predicted it. Do I have any regrets? Some small ones, but mostly I enjoy what I do and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. The fact I enjoy it so much is in itself kind of scary. When I was in college my career coach talked about finding a career doing something that you enjoyed and that you were good at…I don’t think that this is what she had in mind.



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Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Congrats to you anniversary, I guess! *shrug* Lets celebrate with a glass of champagne at my place with you in some sexy lingerie? :P Haha.. At lease you are trading your virtue for Euros instead of Dollars consider where the Dollar is heading. I would have to agree with you that this isn't what your career coach had in mind! But take comfort in knowing that you have helped a lot of lonely souls and made a positive difference in many people's lives, I'm sure of it! Take care Kim!

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Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

A whole year. Wow! Sincerest congratualations on the anniversary!



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Anonymous Regular said...

Congrats, EK! Feel proud for providing a good service and for feeling rewarded with it! If you were not good at it, you would not strive in the business.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is but a path in the search of a longer road. The real accomplishment comes in the money you've saved, the contacts you've made, the life more fully lived that others only barely glimpse, and perhaps a better idea of self.

Congratulations on that road traveled w/o sustaining or causing harm and for the knowledge gained. I for one am certain that there are many other things that you are good at and could enjoy (almost) as well. The problem remains as ever they usually do not pay as well. Good Luck Kim! VJ

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Blogger Thaϊs said...

Truly, I often wonder how many of those seemingly proper people are in fact accepting of other things in life, and sometimes even seeking them. Online, with the freedom of anonymity, one has so much support and understanding.
And yet, to know that should I follow my path I will never get that alumni achievement award, somehow, is still a little sad.

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Blogger C.K. said...

When I tell people that I think prostitution should be legal, many of them ask me, "Would you want your sister or your mother to do it?"

I tell them that I wouldn't want my mother or sister working in a meat processing plant for eight hours a day, even though that is perfectly legal. I'm sure you can think of many more horrifying jobs.

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Anonymous Jezebel said...

Congrats, Kim! You are another chapter in a long and noble legacy. Hold your head up high because you have the resolve to do without pretense what so many others (women and men both) do under the guise of socially accepted marriage.



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