Monday, April 25, 2005

A writer in and email said I seemed so calm, that good vibe emanated from my blog. Little does she know? Lara commented how time consuming blogging is.

If I seem calm it is because I force myself to sit down and compose my thoughts before writing and then compose the post. This in not to say that I the writing is always what I’m happy with a couple of days later, but it helps with coherence. It smooths the emotions. And it takes longer. But writing the blog is only part of it. The real time consumption is staying up with the ever growing list of interesting writers who blog and contact you to let you know they are out there. It becomes a fulltime job.

Over the weekend, a favorite blogger of mine, Zulieka blogged about another fav, Raymi. Reading it had me fantasizing over a girls weekend with the two of them. Hopefully someone out there would bail us out.

I have to leave on my date now. This is just for me. He’s long and smooth and will keep me at boil till his batteries rundown.



Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

You, Zulieka and Raymi? Only if I'm there to take pictures. ;)


1:53 AM  

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