Thursday, May 12, 2005

I hadn’t seen Gintaris in ages; he was one that quietly dropped by the wayside, so I was pleasantly surprised when he called and asked for me to meet him in London. He wouldn’t be at the hotel when I arrived, so he left the extra key with the desk. It was early afternoon when I arrived so I put my things in the room and went for a light lunch. I wouldn’t see G till about six.

Upon returning I set my computer up and did some work on the marketing project and responded to a number of emails about other projects. Around six I put on a teddy and a pair of thigh highs. My dress for dinner was hung in the closet.

When I heard him at the door I sprawled across the bed. He’s such a big kid; he got this huge grin when he saw me. Elyse knows a bit of Lithuanian and taught me how to say ‘Hello big boy.’ Which I did with a pout and tapped the bed in front of me. He undressed and joined me on the bed. We kissed and snuggled then he unsnapped the crotch and started to lick and finger me. I began to get off and then switched to playing with my ass. When he started back at my pussy I O’d for real.

I slipped out of the teddy and massaged and kissed him and began playing with his balls. He was real hard when I slipped the condom on. He wanted to do it doggy style. I fingered myself while he fucked me; I wanted to make sure I got off again.

We laid there for a short while then decided to go for dinner. It was nearly nine. The dress I brought was short bordering on trashy sexy, but I knew he’d like it. He did, as I went to put underwear on he asked me not to. I complied but knew that sitting would be possibly revealing.

We decided in a casual place near the hotel I think we both wanted to get back. The crowd was pretty young and we got caught up in a conversation with the party at the adjacent table. After a bit we went back to the hotel. He was all over me in the elevator. The horney little devil couldn’t wait to get to the room.


Cannes is on the agenda for a few days. Things will be better organized than last year when Marie sent me down there, put me up in a hotel and then scraped around to fill my time. In a twist, I’ll be with another of Marie’s girls. We’ve been joking about opening a two girl brothel in a hotel suite.



Blogger NCTRNL said...

I can't say I blame him for being all over you. The hottest part about it is that you actually enjoy what you're doing. That makes it so sexy...

8:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Cheers, VJ

10:34 AM  
Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

I still want a report on the sexiest films, okay? ;)


4:33 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

You really know how to seduce a man and turn him on! What makes you truly sexy is that aside from your wild exterior, you have a warm heart as well. And I like the fact that you enjoy your time with your client. You're a true courtesan! Thank you for sharing sexy images of you in a teddy and thigh highs! But I think my favorite is when you wear that short, trashy sexy dress without panties. I bet the men at the restaurant were ogling you. I know I would! :)

5:22 AM  

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