Thursday, June 02, 2005

To make sense of this post read the earlier one regarding my date with Lucian and the comments. As much as I love all you guys it does get lonely up on a pedestal. Sometimes I'm a whore and sometimes I have a heart of gold, but the times are usually mutually exclusive.

VJ pretty much nails it. It is about customer service. I like repeat clients, they are much easier for me emotionally, so I'll do a lot to continue the relationship. But clients are fickle, typically they will see me a few times and then seek a new dalliance. Sometimes they come back, sometimes they see several girls in a rotation.

Lucian has been a once a month client for about a year and beside the yuk factor of having sex with someone who is older than my father, he is very easy to be with and generous. Our dates are usually involve the ballet or the theater and he's gotten me interested in opera. Dinner is either at hidden gems of restaurants or at one of Paris' most renowned. Added to that he's not sexually demanding, it's usually once and done.

Given all this I jumped at the chance to do something special for him.



Anonymous NCTRNL said...

I was definitely looking too far into it. When you explain it the way you is a very blurry line between business and pleasure...

6:11 PM  
Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

Even as an act of business, it is still a thoughtful consideration. Back when I was consuming tens of thousands of dollars worth of film each month, one of my dearest friends was also my AGFA rep. Beyond knowing my preferences for quality film, she knew ALL the details of my likes and dislikes, including my penchant for Italian opera and hot dogs on a specific bench in the middle of Central Park. She never failed to take very good care of me because we were an important account. Just good business right?

But then, after my first son was born, my wife became terribly ill and it became necessary for me to take the little one to the studio with me. He was a good baby and really not that much of a burden, but carrying him around in a front pack all day was killing my back. Guess who hired a nanny for three months.

Good business, perhaps, but also one of the most considerate things anyone could have done.


7:03 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Nice to hear you value your repeat clients and willing to go the extra mile for them. The fact that you do it with such enthusiasm is what I really appreciate! :)

8:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being extra good to clients is always good for business, as Garrision reminds us. Even if the relationship ends, you'll get good referrals.

And you never know how useful all that knowledge gained about the care & feeding of geezers can be. Cheers, VJ

9:10 PM  
Anonymous DTG xxoo said...

Well, I'm glad to see you've all stopped drooling over Kim's heart of gold.

I'm glad you agree with Kim, and incidentally with me, that a major part of doing a good business and staying in business is keeping the customer satisfied and feeling special, however you choose to do that.

But guys, while it may sound magical to you, making someone feel good is hardly rocket science for a woman. It's what women have done for men for eons, as mothers, wives, mistresses, and whores. We make it look easy, but it's damn hard selfless work, and it's the hardest of all for whores.

As for envying Kim, all my romantic ideas about running away and being a whore go out the window when I think about what Kim calls the yuk factor: fucking old guys----or obese guys or smelly guys, or, what would be worst of all for me, stupid or egocentric or childish or humourless guys. I couldn't do it, but Kim does.

It's not so much the heart of gold as the will of steel.

DTG xxoo
Pussy Talk

6:56 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Hallelujah, we are finally in agreement! But we'll never stop "drooling" on Kim because this is Kim's blog. :P Lets do more "pussy talk" any time. Take care and y'all have a good weekend! :) And I'm sure Kim would want to tell us not to forget about "Philanthropy Friday!"

btw DTG, do you have a blog?

8:25 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

never mind... found your blog DTG. :)

2:50 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Hmmm. Drooling, that's an exchange of bodily fluids, you'll need to wear a condom :)


6:15 PM  

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