Sunday, July 24, 2005

Our camping accommodations are varied. There are campgrounds like you find in Western Europe and North America, mostly near the more popular tourist sites. We try to stay at these whenever possible. Showers and reliably clean water are the biggest attraction. But most nights we seek out a farmer and ask permission to stay on his property offering a few Euro’s in compensation or in a village. Other nights we simply pull off the road beyond a screen of trees so as not to arouse curiosity.

Whether at a farm or in town Buster and we are a child magnet. The little ones just stand there watching until we smile and wave, then they take a step closer. The older kids come up with questions, trying out the few phrases they know in other languages. Some times adults shoo them off until they are comfortable that we’re harmless. Most people are friendly and curious. We’ve stayed in places that probably don’t see many tourists.

Before leaving Prague I decide to deal with my split end problem by cutting my hair. Not Natalie Portman short but boyishly short. Buster has a 20L jug mounted on his roof painted black. This is the hot water system for our shower, which is a hose and sprayer along with the optional curtain and mat. During the day the sun heats the jug and then we top it off with water heated on the stove and we’re ready for a tepid shower. Normally we shower in the evening when the water is the warmest but that meant many nights I went to bed with damp hair. But know with hair that’s only a couple of centimeters long it’s dry in minutes. I wish I had done this before we left.

Also carried atop Buster is our toilet that we use when no other facility is convenient and the bushes don’t afford enough privacy. Was it only two months ago that I was at the Meurice with Gavin? And my life has come to this, using a porta potty in the back of a van and showering outside. The company that makes it worthwhile.


Elyse has filled my inbox with news about her wedding plans, what’s happening with her life and requests for help when I return to Paris. The wedding plans are moving forward. The international invites have been mailed and the ones to US addresses go in the next couple of weeks. Mike’s mom is having a shower for them over Labor Day weekend; I’m planning on going.

This summer she took a couple of classes and found it a struggle. Language proficiency mostly, English is probably her fourth best. She did well and got high grades, but she needed to work much harder than some of her peers.


Baby envy alert. Please congratulate Zulieka and Freddy on the birth of Zulita. Also word just in that my friends Carole and Tomas have had their baby a hale healthy girl who they have named Agnes.



Blogger Satisfied '75 said...

niiice site. i'm in L.A. living vicariously through you.

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Blogger el Bow said...

congratulations Zulieka and Freddy!

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