Thursday, July 14, 2005

This trip has revealed a few things about Dmitri. One he has a secret life. Not as interesting as mine, but he never mentioned the hours he spent in chat rooms and on discussion boards exchanging information about campers, specifically four wheel drive campers, of which Buster is one. I fear four-wheel drive means some thing expensive to break, but so far so good. Two he is insatiable :).

I anticipated we would pretty much be on our own but most nights we are camped with 2-4 others campers. This has been pretty nice as we have met different people and it gives us a chance to have some space from each other. Buster being small. D has received many compliments about Buster, which makes him happy. The first weekend an Austrian woman went on and on about how much she loved the VW that she and her husband had. When I asked her why they got rid of it she told me that it was always breaking down. Hmmm.

We have had an argument about division of labor. When the trip started with D drove and tended to Buster. Kim cooks, fine, except grilling, more on that later. Kim cleaned up and did laundry, which is done in a washbasin and shopped. Kim said enough; she wasn’t along as a servant. She did though resist the urge to point out she wasn’t D’s mother. But I drive D said, K offered to drive, though she knew this wouldn’t be satisfactory as D was a lousy passenger. After much grumbling the division of labor is as follows: D drives and tends to buster as well as cleans up after dinner. K cooks and shops, mostly and we each tend to our own laundry. And we have sex :)

Buster has a small refrigerator so we are able to stop when convenient to buy our food for the day. And we have been eating surprisingly well. Though I do wish I had an oven. What is it with men and grilling? D has little interest in cooking unless we’re doing it over a fire and he wants to take over. Fine I pour myself a glass of wine and watch. We’re getting lost at least once a day, which would be avoidable if we always used the GPS. But this trip is as much about wandering and discovery as it is about seeing specific places.

By and large we are getting along very well and I really enjoy being with him. I’ve never spent so much time with a man. I’m glad I’m with this man. Did I mention he’s insatiable :)?



Blogger W. S. Cross said...

Just reviewed your site. It's always a pleasure to follow your adventures. Be safe, yours is a thrilling life, but I worry about you.

4:54 PM  
Anonymous curious in the carolinas said...

Hi, I happened upon your journal the other day and I must say I find it quite fascinating. It makes for an interesting read. I was curious about how the whole relationship with D. works? Does he know about your career? I imagine it would be difficult trying to have a relationship.

7:52 PM  
Anonymous Pussy Talk said...

Good God, Kim. Arguing about division of labour? Then fucking insatiably? You sound like newlyweds. Hehe.

Yeah, that grilling thing is all about cooking the day's hunt over the campfire. It goes back to the Paleolithic. Men are stone-age creatures in so many ways.

As are women, of course. ;)

DTG xxoo

5:40 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Newlywed, I kind of like the sound of that. I'll admit that I've been thinking some about the M word. It would cause some changes.

Curious. I've been able to "manage" my relationship with D. He dosesn't know. I've tried to tell him that I'm not a good prospect for him but he won't listen and I'm too attached to him to simply walk away.


3:15 PM  
Anonymous Pussy Talk said...

Interesting. Do keep us posted?

The M word causes more changes that you can ever imagine or foresee. Every single day.

DTG xxoo

6:37 PM  
Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

So, the muscles are holding out okay? No unexpected soreness?

I meant from the camping. ;)

This is an interesting development, though.


10:01 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Excuse me? Who is the nymph in the relationship? Who is more insatiable? It doesn't sound like you are complaining about D being insatiable! Hahah.. :D You two must look cute bickering over who will do what chores. I'm glad you don't argue about who will be on to when it comes to sex. I guess both of you like to put in the work when it comes to that! :P

3:16 AM  

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