Friday, July 22, 2005

We decided to take a hotel in Prague for a couple of nights. I can’t believe how good a real bed felt and a bath with HOT water. Having this level of comfort had me making a choice. During this trip I’ve gone, shall we describe it as…natural? Besides flat, dull, split end infested hair and hideous nails, I have hair growing where it’s never grown before. Dmitri finds this quite humorous, except when hair gets caught between his teeth. Anyway I decided to forgo the tune up until I return home

We’re way behind schedule and need to pick up the pace if we want to get to the places we want. We’ve decided except for visiting my friend Jana in Warsaw, we’ll spend time in Poland on the way home.


Rather than comment on the comments from my previous post in the comments I’ll comment here. (some one please stop me before I comment again)

Thanks Pete.

Buster’s gas is now properly regulated and is working fine and the head lights are working as the broken wire has been fixed.

Dmitri is more conservative than me, but that didn’t stop him from finger fucking me in a nightclub this week as we stood at the bar and his eyes sure did light up when I mentioned that perhaps I’d like to have a threesome with him and Christine when she was visiting. We didn’t and he was disappointed.

The Italian couple took him by surprise. Dmitri, like most, has more fantasies than experiences and he was a deer in the headlights when an opportunity came. Yes, I said no to spare D who wasn't ready, but also to spare myself from negotiating our feelings afterward. I do find her attractive, but the husband not so much. It is more of his personality than his appearance.

If Dmitri and I decide to make a go at building a life together I will quit. I know it will be hard, because of the money and I enjoy the life, but I will have chosen to be with someone for whom my having this career and him would not be acceptable.



Anonymous Sweeney said...

Dear Kim,
thanks for your thoughtful reply to our comments. I think you show a maturity beyond your years and perhaps that's why I'm attracted to your blog!
V.J., please note that I make no categorical assumptions about K or D and was careful to say,in my previous comment, that I may be underestimating D. But even Kim, who is with him constantly, is not so sure on how much of her other side could be shared with him....
We all see life through the prism of our own experience and upbringing.On the web we have intimacy and illusions of closeness and understanding with strangers. Maybe we do or maybe it's all just some beautiful distorsion of the prism!

12:35 AM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Didn't know you were sorta 'roughing' it out in this trip. Shame on Buster for not having a comfy bed and hot water for you! Somehow, I can't picture you being unkept with split ends or hideous nails; furthermore, going all natural? But I laughed at the image you painted of D with hairs caught between his teeth and the expression he would make. :D I guess D is just not as experience as you but he has his wild side. If you find the slutty Italian woman attractive, chances are, D find her attractive too but his desire of not wanting to share you probably override his initial desire; which is commendable of him and it shows how much you mean to him. I think his real lost is not having the opportunity to have a 3some with you and Christine because from your description, I remember Christine to be a real hottie! :) She is also someone that D should be careful of losing you to because you and her go way back. Don't worry or even think about how things would turn out. Just enjoy the journey and smell the roses while you are at it. Things will straighten itself out when it's time. GOD bless, Kim! :)

5:07 AM  
Blogger el Bow said...

What a delight to have come across your blog today. More, please.

2:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kim: It seems to me that you choose what you do in life - but not based on whether someone else would disapprove but rather whether you want to respond to that by changing your life - after it's yours to change not D's. Remember I said I suspected you'd be giving up...:-) Peter

4:57 PM  

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