Sunday, August 07, 2005

We took a produce truck to St. Petersburg and will take it back on Monday.

Our feelings are still raw after the fight. He hasn’t apologized for accusing me of breaking Buster, and I haven’t apologized for calling him a pussy whipped no excuse of a man. We’re both too stubborn. We could use some time apart but that’s not in the cards.

St. Petersburg is beautiful and ugly at the same time. Of the countries we’ve visited Russia has been my least favorite. I think Thais surmised it well, Russian’s are mourning the loss of status that their nation once had. While the other Eastern European countries are looking forward, with wistful looks back, Russians are fixating on the past and what my Uncle Ken refers as the cynicism of unfair distribution of wealth.

Having said that, I’d return in an instant.

We’re staying at a business class hotel, most of the guests seem to be Western Europeans and North Americans and the prostitutes aren’t working the streets around it or the lobby bar…they’re in our hallway by the elevator. And they are young and beautiful not to mention inexpensive. I think if D and I were getting along better a discussion about hiring one may have happened.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not an uncommon problem with the transfer case. It's the horrible roads no doubt. Buster and his ilk can not take the beating mile after mile. Few cars can actually. Which is why those damn Ladas and the rest of Eastern European made cars are relatively high off the ground. They know the local conditions. You might look into the springs and shocks on Buster too. You've probably beaten them to a pulp too.

I must have missed the explanation of D being PW'd, but I hope you reconcile or else it'll be a long lonely road back!

Cheers & Gooc Luck! 'VJ'

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Transfer case went on my Canadian made 91 Ford Explorer this winter; however, dealer gave me $200 for it in trade. It could not make the snowy hills without 4 wheel drive.

I dunno who is laughing the most today, he or I.

Don't tell anyone, but I bought a 2005 Mercury Sable; the old hippy in me resents the heck out driving a Merc Sable.


1:07 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

It is always hard to take the first step to apologize after a fight. But as a man, he should've taken the first step. And as a result of his inaction to apologize, he lost a golden opportunity to have a 3some with you and a hot Russian prostitute. So who gets short-changed in the end? Him! If he only knew, he would have apologized in a heartbeat. *sigh* Poor guy! You go, Kim! :)

7:49 PM  

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