Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Arriving at home I found Elyse curled around a pillow on a rug. I'm pretty sure it was a fetal position since it wasn't a sunny spot. The last few days of her visit with her folks were stressful as everyone is getting wound up as the wedding approaches. Then she checked on the preparations and uncovered a couple of glitches, nothing major and nothing that won'’t be resolved but she was having trouble coping.

We went out for dinner and this morning ran together. I'’m glad she'’s here I miss her company. Except for a Katie as a roommate and the few months I lived with a GF, I'’ve lived alone. Having a roommate again was an adjustment but now I miss it. Or at least I miss E.


Fashion Week started in NY and I was watching tennis, sigh. I rooted for Agassi, Gavin rooted for Federer, it would have been neat to see him go out a champion. I tried to convince G to find tickets for one of the openings but he wanted to play with our toys from Babeland. So Sunday evening I found myself in a maids uni, tied to the bed having various objects inserted into me. I'’ll admit he has a nice touch with a vibrator.


I didn't see Christine this trip, it was intentional. We talked a lot about our futures when she was here in June. She had begun seeing a woman and she felt it had a future and I was ready to cast my lot with Dmitri and those are the primary reasons. But also she noted that I am on my way to becoming a Parisian and she wants to remain in the Mid-West. We no longer talk daily but usually send a text greeting and we do talk every few days. We will remain close, best of friends but no longer view ourselves as lovers.



Blogger Pete from Cal said...

I was wondering if you meet up with Gavin for USOpen when you were in the States; I guess you did. Feel bad reading about you and Christine drifting apart and she has a new love. Why can't you be with D and have Christine too?! Not fair. :P *sigh*

6:49 AM  

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