Thursday, September 08, 2005

Last week was the first time I saw him. Marie called; he was a referral from another client and he had seen my picture on the web site and liked the way I looked. “Marie I cut my hair, you’ll need to tell him.” “What!”

He saw me anyway for two hours, which became four, and then six. He came from the bathroom as I finished hooking my stocking and stood. He looked at me and smiled and began to thank me. I stepped toward him and put my arms around his neck. “I’ll be in New York next week; you’ll see me won’t you?” He equivocated and I persisted while lifting a leg into his crotch. He was hard he’d see me. Wednesday or Thursday? He chose Wednesday.

With some men why they hire an escort is pretty transparent. They’re philanderers, or in loveless marriages that for whatever reason they’ll not end like Gavin and Lucian. Michel who doesn’t stay in one place long enough to have are relationship. Or like Jacques who views every occasion as an opportunity to promote business and needs arm candy that he can ignore or dismiss at his whim.

But this one I can’t figure out. First he’s young, early thirties and successful, from a very middle class back ground, good looking and self effacing. The biggest negative I found is that he’s a lousy lover, too intense and insecure but I wouldn't say inexperienced. We had dinner and then he suggested stopping for a drink. The place we went was in the east thirties and it appears to be a regular hang out for him, as he knew many people. One woman when we were introduced said, “So you’re the girl from Paris.” So he talked about me. A mystery.



Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Didn't know you are still "entertaining" amid your new business venture and busy personal life these past few weeks. Mixing a little business with pleasure to have the trip paid for? Smart! I'm surprised he brought you to his regular hang-out and even introduced you. I wonder if the friends know the real story or did he fabricated a story. Intriguing.

4:36 AM  
Blogger W. S. Cross said...

It's always fascinating the way some men feel the need to leave clues about their private life. Sometimes it's as if they want to get caught. Perhaps it's the thrill of the deceit.

6:32 PM  

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