Monday, September 26, 2005

A small update on Kim & Co. I’m pleased. I spend most of my time networking like crazy and then following up with the people I meet. I’ve had several appointments and a few of those have lead to presenting proposals, but most exciting as that I’ve received a verbal commitment on one and I’m awaiting the contract. In addition a couple of marketing gigs have popped up from people I’ve worked for.


My cookware and kitchen knives were delivered this afternoon. These were my haul from shopping on Saturday. The stuff I had was accumulated kind of haphazard. Some was hand me downs others thrift shop purchases and my knives were cheap and considering how much I enjoy cooking I wanted good quality tools.

I also have made a couple of other changes. I complained about the kitchen here, its small with little counter space and an oven that frankly is only good for reheating. To deal with the oven I found a used commercial grade, countertop convection oven and since that will take up most of the space I’m having a cutting board/storage cart made to serve as a preparation surface



Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Thanks for filling us in on the wedding, receptions and the bride/bridesmaid gowns. It's good that everyone enjoyed themselves. Congrats on landing a contract in your new business venture and some gigs in the marketing front. Looks like things are going well! :) Take care of those new knives. I wonder if any of us would ever have a chance to enjoy your culinary talent! :P

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