Monday, September 26, 2005

The wedding went off with out a hitch. The bride lovely, the groom handsome and they didn’t even get into an argument. After being a basket case during the day Friday, Elyse came alive, as the moment grew closer. Her parents presented her and unlike some brides who appear as if they are being carried or dragged to the alter, E was smiling and greeting friends she hadn’t seen for a while. Mike’s younger brother (who has grown up to be a hunk) was the best man and E’s sister served as her maid of honor.

Since I know some of you want to know. E’s dress was strapless with a dropped waist with a sheer veil. The bodice was embroidered with lace and pearl beading. The bride’s maid’s gowns were a very dark burgundy, off the shoulder with an asymmetrical skirt, easily recycled as a formal dress

The party was great with a bit of humor unintentionally provided by thirteen-year-old cousins of Mike and Elyse who were caught in full lip lock. Later we went out on the town.

Saturday morning the families had a get to know each other better breakfast to which I was invited. The newlyweds came by to say good-by. They are off the Aegean for a few days and following that to Egypt and a couple of nights in Marrakech. After breakfast Gail and I went shopping and we both left merchants smiling.



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