Thursday, October 27, 2005

Olympia, in an open letter to women who inquire about careers as courtesans, noted that not all clients were dashing handsome gentleman. I should have treated that as an omen.

Marie called with the news that a new client asked to see me. The arrangements were made and we met at a hotel lounge. When meeting a new client I try to recognize him first so I may compensate for anything I find disagreeable about his appearance. I wasn’t successful this time.

I guess he was about five-ten and that was fine. It was the about three hundred and fifty pounds that was challenging. He was nice and except for the smell of cigar smoke on his clothes his hygiene was fine. (His tailor needs to be commended). But when a girl has a job to do she better do her best. And I did.


Early in the summer I felt that I might be putting the world of paid companionship behind me, or at the most see two to four clients a month. Its been more like two per week; the (dis)advantage of having an agent.

If I wasn’t seeing clients, I would need to live on my savings while I built Kim & Co. But whoring is paying the bills and even adding to my kitty so I’m not complaining. It is quite likely that my business will never provide as much income as escorting but I will be able to have a ‘normal’ business all my life if I so choose and be able to share my work openly with others. But escorting is a bright flame.



Blogger Pete from Cal said...

It is true professionalism when you can make a client feel good even if he is less than ideal to you. You and other ladies who are good at what you do should be commended! Kim&Co would be a good backup plan should you grow tired of being a companion in the future. It also help legitimize what you do to others. Not a bad situation as long as you are happy. :)

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