Monday, November 14, 2005

A couple of weeks ago Marie and I had one of our periodic lunches. Over time the dynamic of our relationship has changed and now I am close to having a business arrangement with her. She is working for me as much as I for her.

Marie is if nothing else, focused. Focused on making money and has little ego invested in how that happens. When it became apparent that I would not respond to a ‘pimp model’, so she tried being my girlfriend, a conniving one at that. That approach failed so she surrendered and became my agent. It is not that she doesn’t try to manipulate me (or at least I let her manipulate me), she realizes that I’m mercenary and I’m willing to make a deal.

I look forward to lunch with Marie as a journey that has both a starting point and an ending point but where you don’t know how you will get between them. We lunched at Crillon, in the restaurant bar, gossiping about the notables who were in attendance. As it has happened a couple of gentleman stopped by our table to greet Marie and assess me at close range. I’ve gotten pretty good at guessing which ones know Marie is a pimp and assume that I am one of her whores, so I know when to expect a call later that day or the next. Today’s visitors were more interested in antiques than sex.

With Marie it is sometimes best to listen very carefully, but being too intent often results in the auditory equivalent of not seeing the forest for the trees. Somewhere between wondering what herbs were mixed in the salad dressing and commenting on the whether, Marie said, “oh and I’m closing the agency at the end of the year.” I began to complain about the rain when I realized what she had said. “Excuse me?” She repeated her self and went on to explain.

Marie has had long-term affair with a prominent gentleman. When his wife was alive only his friends generally knew Marie. But since her death Marie has become more recognized as his companion and it seems he is afraid of the fallout that could come if Marie’s business were to be exposed and he has pressed her to close the agency.

This news set me off in a bit of a tizzy about my own plans. Do I want to work for a different agency and if so, whom? Go independent? Do I want to do that? I have a decent book of regulars and I really don’t need new clients at least in the short term. Transitioning out of this business is something I had decided to do so I’m looking at this as my opportunity.

When I was in Washington in September I met with Jessica. As I listened to her talk I was reminded about how I viewed this business after being in it a few months. She was so excited about it she was seriously considering withdrawing from grad school and working fulltime as an escort. I cautioned against that and in the end she decided to a leave for the semester.

In early October she was here with a client for a week and we lunched. She was happy with her choice and looking forward to the next few months. After Marie talked to her she called me in a panic. She had planned the next couple of years around working for Marie, saving some money, living the good life and working slowly toward her degree and now that was upset. She doesn’t know what she’ll do next, I don’t think she’s ready to make those decisions.



Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

Perhaps this IS the opportunity for transition. Certainly, the mood seems ripe for change.

You're obviously well aware of the financial situation, but what of the emotional? What are the plusses and minuses there?


8:00 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

The plusses and minuses will be the subject of a future post


12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like GS, I think you should see this as an opportunity. Keep the book if you want something to 'fall back on', but gradually think of working yourself out of that job and moving on to another. Cheers & Good Luck Kim, 'VJ'

10:53 AM  

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