Friday, November 18, 2005

Don’t Forget Philanthropy Friday!!!

Yes it is the return of Philanthropy Friday when Mercurial Girl nags you to make a small contribution to the charities of your choice. Soon the red kettles will be appearing in front of stores throughout the US, just throw a fiver in as you go past.


I puzzled over how I could make a contribution to improve the racial situation here and decided that I could be most effective by doing something one person at a time. I subcontract a lot of specialized skills and most of the people I utilize are freelancers. So I needed to add some African and Arab talent to my network, asking around and checking with the communities business groups engendered some contacts.

For a project I needed some graphic design work, it’s not a large assignment but that component will be pretty critical to the success of the project. Earlier in the week I met with a young Senegalese man, his portfolio looks good, but his references are thin and for all I know they are his family. Today I took a deep breadth and offered him the work and he accepted.

My client is taking a flier on me and now I’m taking a flyer on a contributor.


I few weeks ago I sent emails and asked after in a post about a few people who seemed to have dropped from sight. Well they started turning up; John Smyth is back Viewing the Local Antiquities and Darling Maggot checked in with the link to his new blog, Okaykabuki and new screen name. But alas no word from Eva


When Dad took the assignment in Capetown I promised myself I’d get down there. Well I haven’t and they are coming home at Christmas. Then a couple of weeks ago I got a surprise, he sent the airfare to come down for Thanksgiving. I leave Friday morning for a week. Leah and David are coming in from Boston.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Background checks are important; the fireplace/chimney sweep business where M works as office manager hired a sweep on a personal reference.

First day he was alone, he did not return with van and had three more sweeps scheduled. Day 2 and no check-in. Police will not work on stolen vehicle until 72 hours. Finally L did contact prior employer where he reported the guy took that business for $15,000 and he is a certified felon.

Everyone astonished, especially the personal reference.

Good help is hard to find.

5:42 PM  

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