Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sirens woke me a couple of times last night. This morning there was a rumor of a car burned nearby but no one could name the street or the neighborhood. There is a lot of undifferentiated anger among people; they are angry with the rioters, they are angry with the government for not stopping the violence and they are angry at who ever let this situation fester. Unfortunately there are not enough mirrors in France to reveal that culprit.

It is not clear how the politics will play out after the violence subsides, but I don’t agree with VJ about the deportations and repression. The French would view that as too American. Choking off future immigration and dealing with the immigrant population that is here in some sort of liberal socialist way is what will occur.

If it were not for my business I’d go to NY or Washington for a few days. Anyway, I’m sticking close to home till this is over; I’m not sure croissants will be an adequate defense.

NOTE: ‘Immigrant’ is used as a shorthand description of mostly African and North African people who are primarily Moslem who began immigrating to France during the colonial period. The vast majority of people who are living in the squalid ghettos of France are second and third generation French citizens. Many are skilled and decently educated but they (contend) are victims of racism in hiring and therefore suffer high unemployment.


I finally spoke with Rachel and told her that I felt she had been dishonest with me in seeking support and solace but not revealing pertinent facts. I guess she has been getting that message from all her friends; even her mother is criticizing her. She is also having second thoughts about the mess she’s created. Her equivocation and fretting gave her fling a reason to dump Rachel.

Now she’s alone and she doesn’t like that. She asked my advice on how to get back with Amy and if I’d help. That just shows how pathetic R is, asking my advice, given my track record! I told her that I wouldn’t intervene and she needed grovel and beg forgiveness from Amy. Then I couldn’t resist the dig; “You grovel and simper with the best of them.” Right now I see no reason to show R any sympathy, after all she’s down and I may want to kick her again, but if she wants Amy back she has gotten herself into a predicament. Amy is very patient and forgiving, but once she makes a decision she stays with it. I suspect that Amy has put Rachel behind her. Not that Amy is not mourning her loss, she is hurting terribly, but in leaving Rachel she meant to end their relationship not put pressure on Rachel to change.

My last words to Rachel were that if she wants Amy back she needs to act quickly.



Anonymous Pussy Talk said...

This is very ominous and disturbing news out of France, and some reports now that it's spilling over into Germany and Belgium.

Please keep yourself safe, Kim.

DTG xxoo

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was merely stating what I knew of the history Kim. In '68 there were mass arrests and plenty of deportations. Some schools were closed for weeks. But I do hope and trust that this time it will be a bit more 'peaceful' and that the spasm of reaction will be mercifully brief. Make no mistake about it, this event is what will be influencing the French immigration policy for about a generation to come though.

We may forget that although the forces of reaction have been beaten back in France with the eclipse of Le Pen, this sort of right wing faction has been popular for a very long time, and has been active in each and every political upheaval of the last 200 years or so. They nearly killed De Gaulle for his 'capitulation' on 'giving up' Algeria. And that takes us back to some of the reasons most of these people remain there as 2nd class citizens too.

So no, repression is not really too American. It's been done in France before, and fairly recently too, (the mid 1980's-1990's crackdowns). It's all pretty understandable, and is the kind of thing available, and yes, utilized by almost any government in a similar fix.

But all this is complex stuff. If it's dangerous, I'd evacuate when and where I could. I'd not sit around waiting for the bullets to fly. Sitting in the middle of Watts in '67-68 would have been no fun either I imagine. Cheers & Keep Well, 'VJ'

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

VJ - well put; I have just started to read reports of the "riots", "insurgence", "retaliation", or "cleansing", whatever.

There have seemingly always been the "good" people and the "bad" people in all parts of world. France and North Africa have a tragic history, not that long ago.

I can't add anything original here.
Although to reinforce VJ, you have the resources to leave for safety.

2:09 PM  

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